I did it!  I survived the PET scan…it was scary and awful and long but the people at Penn are the kindest in the world.  I know I looked frightened and close to tears and a kind kind woman walked me to Radiology and literally held my hand the entire way…Den was parking the car.  She told me of her cancer story.  We even have the same oncologist.  Then when I checked in the woman behind the desk came out to hold my hands and hug me…then Den came in and I was handed over to a huge kind technician who took me to the scan trailer.  The kindness of strangers…I will never get over it and I will be forever grateful for it.  I don’t know if you have ever had a scan like this before but you are injected with some kind of scary radioactive isotope stuff that will not be totally out of my body until tonight.  You have to sit for an hour and then you go into the scan room where another technician held my hand and talked to me until I calmed down yet again.  Sigh!  She was wonderful…she didn’t rush me and she just held my hand and we talked.  I am so needy during these events…just so darn needy!  Then when I was done and outside waiting for Den…another sweet elderly lady who was sitting next to me in the scan room…hugged me and said good bye…she was off on a cancer mission of her own…again…the kindness of strangers…the amazing kindness of strangers.

So…I am home relaxing and reading…this…but I literally fell asleep twice…so far…I am wiped out!


Life is so good…isn’t it?  Even when you are scared of stuff…



23 thoughts on “Exhaustion…

  1. Ti says:

    Stuff like this takes a toll on your mental health, doesn’t it? You go into this frantic panic mode and don’t know quite how to feel. Have you had this scan before? I don’t think I’ve heard you mention it before.


  2. Jina Bazzar says:

    I havent gone through such a scan, but during the time i was experiencing vision loss, i met all these kind strangers, people i never met before and have never seen again.I’m as amazed as you how such kindness stays with us for a long time.
    I’m glad you made it through.


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