Happy Anniversary To Us!

Oh my…today is our anniversary…Den and I met while I was in Florida visiting with a friend and Den was living there…working right after college.  We were married after 3 months and although we thought we’d be living in Tampa Den was immediately transferred to San Francisco.  From there we were transferred to Denver, Colorado and from there to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, then to St. Louis, Missouri and last of all here…Kennett Square, PA.  We have been here the longest but that was when Den traveled the most.  He literally travelled the world.  I had the chance to meet him in all kinds of worldly places.  It was always so much fun.  But…it always seemed as though anytime the basement flooded, a squirrel got in the basement, the pipes froze, snow and ice storms trapped me in the house and the power went out…Den was in Prague or China or London or Paris or Germany or Norway…always trying to get back to me!  My hero!

And also…I was always teaching and I couldn’t always leave for a trip when Den left. I have been delayed by snowstorms and literally stuck in an airport all night while trying to get to a ski trip to Utah.  I crashed a new BMW while driving in an ice storm…Den was out of the country.  I got bumped from a flight by Bahamian royalty and had to hop on a service plane to get to Den…people were carrying tires and huge boxes of detergent and there were no seat belts plus they lost my luggage!  Hmmm…what else?  I fell asleep and missed a flight to him.  I called in sick in order to meet Den in California for a golf tournament.  I almost was hit by Princess Diana’s car when we had center seats at Wimbledon…another company event.  Those were the days when big corporations entertained their customers and Den’s work was in the heart of all of this entertainment.  I rode horses in the desert in Arizona while he was at meetings.  I toured quaint English villages and abbeys while Den was at meetings.  We stayed at Richard Branson’s Country house and I found a cozy spot to have tea and read while Den was at meetings.  Our lives were very full!

So…for the last few months I have been content to stay home.  I have been growing out my hair and healing my soul.  Cancer has changed me.  I won’t know until tomorrow how hard I will have to fight again.  I don’t feel strong but friends say I am.  It’s hard to find a positive attitude when I wake up in a panic but I am fighting through this.  I think…

Anyway…41 years ago my small town life changed when I fell in love with a boy from Denver…we even had our soloist sing John Denver songs during our wedding.  He has been my protector through all of the awful treatment stuff I have had to endure…he even came into my first cat scan with me because I was uncontrollably panicked…I love you, Den…more than ever.  You are my hero!

Our wedding…I was such a flower child!  I didn’t want a wedding dress.  I had to have a designer dress, a long veil a huge bouquet and flowers in my hair.  I wanted Den in a suit…no tuxes…and we were married in the same church where I made my first communion!

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Have a happy day!  Den is at Weggieman’s getting us wedding cake!



22 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Us!

  1. Ti says:

    You were so adventurous!

    I saw my friend’s wedding pics recently. They just celebrated 50 years and she had a dress very similar to yours but it was a sheet! She said back then they wore togas! I had never heard of such a thing. Yours wasn’t a toga… was it? Hers didn’t look like one either it was so artfully draped.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Happy anniversary! You have definitely had some adventures over the years…starting with that 70s wedding! I loved the styles back then…but we probably didn’t realize that we would look back some day and just smile. In 1977, I had a toddler and her three older brothers.

    Beautiful photos…and your life now sounds cozier, but you can look back and enjoy the memories of the adventures.

    Have a great day!


  3. Kathryn says:

    Happy Anniversary. I loved reading a précis version of all the places you have been and the adventures you had, some very stressful I’d say. A tribute to love lived. Congrats. Thinking of you for the next visit in the health realm.


  4. Mary says:

    Happy Anniversary, Patty and Den! Thanks for sharing your wonderful wedding photos and I loved reading your story. It could be a book!
    Sending good thoughts your way today – and hugs.


  5. June says:

    What a wonderful life story and romance. It is a joy reading about it and seeing your beautiful photos of times past. I feel so nostalgic and I wasn’t even there! Lol…Thank you for sharing and I pray the Lord bless you both. Then again, he certainly has already as you and Den have been there for each other all these years…Not a lot of people can say that…May the Lord continue to bless you and establish his will in your life♡


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