Yesterday was Chemo #2…it includes steroids.  Normally…if there is a normal…Patty’s Chemo Day is exhausting.  I come home zip into the shower put on jammies and fall asleep for hours.  Yesterday I came home wired!  I chattered endlessly, I texted everyone, I could not sleep!  Today I feel good!  It’s amazing.  I am still up in the apartment resting but I don’t feel sick the way I have been feeling.  I think I might have ordered some stuff from Nordstroms…sorry Den…but…this girl was in a hysterical shopping mood!

Presenting my slide show of stuff!  I wanted girlie night gowns for reasons unknown…and endless headbands…obvi!  I usually wear sleepshirts but the steroids made me sick of them.  I hope I like them!

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We had 2 trick or treaters yesterday.  We gave them handfuls of candy!

I could not decide what to read yesterday so I stumbled upon these.  Cozy…fun…great writing…I am reading the second one first…No Good Tea Goes Unpunished…I had it from Edelweiss and it is so good I bought the second one…a six buck bargain at Amazon.  I hate buying ebooks!

I am still on my steroid high…I chattered to my sister Paula and my brother Jimmy this morning ‘til Den begged me to stop talking for 5 minutes…but…I can’t!  I will crash soon, though, and it won’t be pretty.

I also got it in my head that I want a Piggy Cookie Jar!  My mom’s is the one in the middle… my sister has it.  I also made my brother want one, too!  Aren’t they cute/ugly?  My mom always kept Figgy Newtons in hers.  The first one is a version of the middle Piggy.  The last one is new and from Pier I but I kind of like him and his Piggy Smile.  My neighbor Jane is always finding amazing things in her work so she is going to watch out for the middle Piggy for me and my brother.  My sister won’t give me hers…thanks, Paula…


This post was written while steroids were still running rampant through my body…so I hope I haven’t offended anyone ( Paula )…heeheehee…


25 thoughts on “OMG…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Ha-ha…the steroid high sounds like a nice change. Except for the impulse buying, but that also sounds like fun.

    I love cookie jars. Mine are from Mary Engelbreit, and cookies have never resided within. They are purely decorative.

    Cozy mysteries are also delightful. Enjoy!


  2. Mary says:

    I was just thinking I need a new cookie jar. Not sure about the piggies, lol, but I think I’ll stop at Pier 1 one of these days. I found a cute Christmasy one there last year.
    I’m glad you were feeling good – hope you love the shopping buys! And I love a well-written cozy. Glad you found some.


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    I’m sorry you have to go through these treatments again but at least you got to enjoy steroids for a day. 😉

    I have my mom’s old cookie jar but it’s put away because I don’t like stuff out on my kitchen counter – I know, I’m weird.

    We had hundreds of trick-or-treaters and ran out of candy so I had to cut the lights off a half hour before it ended. I felt bad about it but didn’t want any candy left over so I guess it’s not all bad.


  4. Kathryn says:

    Love the middle piggy. Isn’t that amazing how the steroids affected you, I hope you haven’t had too much of a hard landing after it wears off. I had no trick or treaters, in fact the street was very quiet. I think most go to school parties etc. Nice shopping. No Good Tea Goes Unpunished sounds fun!


  5. DEZZY says:

    Oooh, Patty on Steroids! 🙂
    I like the white piggy jar best, although if you ask me ducks are much better option for jars… and coons too 🙂


  6. Ti says:
  7. Greg says:

    I hope you’re feeling okay and not too rough after the steroids! Hopefully your weekend is going well. Those Bree Baker books do look fun!

    Oh and the best thing about cookie jars, in my view, is that there are cookies inside lol. I do like a good cute cookie jar though… 🙂


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