Where Has Patty Been?

Oh my…I have been around…reading, resting, recovering.  Sometimes I am just not in a blogging mood.  I am giving myself little blogging breaks.  I am reading all of my fave blogs and trying to keep up with everything but sometimes I don’t want the pressure of blogging with all of the other stuff going on.  I feel ok, I am still so not hungry it’s scary.  I still only crave eggs…in one week I have had eggs over easy, eggs Benedict and two omelettes…a veggie one and a spinach and tomato one.  I can eat exactly half of everything.  Today I craved orange juice in bottles and rye bread toast.  Last night Den had pasta and I had toast and a really great cheddar except Den forgot to toast my toast and I really ended up with buttered sourdough bread.  Tonight I think I want a baked potato…only Yukon Gold with butter and Greek yoghurt.  Den tossed out all of my real Cheerios because there was something bad in them…a chemical or something and now I am eating organic o’s but it’s not the same.  I am kind of hungry for Rice Krispies with a banana.  I can’t stand anything sweet.  It seems to taste sweeter.  Chemo…it alters everything!

Books…I finished everything I was reading and now I am in between books.  I hate being in between books…everything I want to read isn’t being published until January, February or March.  All the lists I made are useless because suddenly I am a moody reader.  I need to really feel the book I want to read next.

Some new ones are…from NetGalley…and Random House, Berkeley, Ballantine and Penguin…

My sweet Roxie has to have blood work done tomorrow to prep her for teeth cleaning.  Cats won’t sit still when their teeth need to be cleaned so first it’s bloodwork then later in the month anesthesia and the actual teeth cleaning…none of us are looking forward to this because Tonks and anesthesia are always scary…sigh!

I have been really consumed with thoughts of Thanksgiving Dinner.  I can’t go to my sister’s…too many kids and colds.  I hate the thought of Thanksgiving dinner out.  But this wonderful little gourmet grocery near us is having ready to heat Thanksgiving Dinner!  For only a million dollars we are getting 4 pounds of light and dark turkey, soft yummy whole grain rolls,  sausagey stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and green beans…all we have to do is heat everything…oh and a pumpkin pie, too!  All of our dinner will be local and organic, too.  All we have to buy is whipped cream and cranberries and I will easily make cranberry sauce.  Oh butter…three things to buy!  Maybe crab cocktails for a starter.  Den needs a break from shopping and prepping everything and I just can’t do it.  This year I just can’t deal with shopping at crowded stores with tons of people.  I think we will do the same thing for Christmas only with a filet or prime rib…my sweet Den only wants enough left over turkey for sandwiches so I ordered double the amount of turkey!  Bring on the mayo!  There is a sandwich shop here that makes a sandwich called the Bobbie!  Roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo on a crusty roll!  Pickles and chips complete this delightful sandwich!  Yum…I am hungry for it without being hungry for anything!


Off to watch ( read and play WordChums ) football!


17 thoughts on “Where Has Patty Been?

  1. Kathryn says:

    I hate being between books too, and that will I like the next book as much or will it even be better than the last one. Good way to sort Thanksgiving dinner. Ah chemo is such a tough thing for sure. All the best for Roxie.


  2. aubieal0878 says:

    Oh I’d add prepared horseradish to the Mayo for a little heat and lightly toast the bread, green olives and gherkins on the side.


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love the look of that sandwich! Yum. It reminds me of what we used to do with leftovers the night of Thanksgiving: a sandwich with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. I also love pickles.

    Your books look good. Enjoy!


  4. BermudaOnion says:

    I’m glad you’re taking it easy on yourself with blogging and everything else. Carl’s mother said the same thing about chemo changing the taste of food and her appetite. Den is a true hero.

    Read whatever you want and don’t worry about when it comes out.


  5. Mary says:

    I’m glad you found a place to make what sounds like a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. The Bobby sounds amazing! OMG I can’t believe TD is almost two weeks away.
    I hope Roxie does okay with everything.


  6. lakesidemusing says:

    Glad you have lots of good books and are giving yourself a break with blogging. Sounds like you have a perfect Thanksgiving solution, too. We’ll be flying north the weekend before and I’ll be cooking for a crowd again this year. It’s fun though… and a lot of work.


  7. Stefanie says:

    I’m sorry you and Den have to be on your own for turkey day. I think this happened before too right? The Bobbie (LOL, I had just typed out Boobie) sounds delicious. We don’t do cranberry sauce for our holiday but my mum makes cranberry jello mold.


  8. Ti says:

    Oh yes… you gotta have mayo for a good turkey sammie. Your food talk always makes me so darn hungry. I love fresh roasted turkey so much I could just eat it right out of the pan and not even have the other stuff.

    BTW, your weird food cravings also sound good to me. Yukon Golds with butter. Pretty perfect, if you ask me.


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