So Far It’s Been A Lazy Week…

I have been reading this book since Sunday…it took me a while to settle in with it but now it’s really good.  Bess is a transplant to her husband’s small Virginia town after being fired from a high intensity job in Washington.  While trying to keep her daughter from becoming a mean girl she encounters mean girls of her own.


Random stuff…

I feel the need to try these Trader Joe Potato Chips…what do you think about these?


I want these oatmeal cookies…don’t they look very oatmealy?  This recipe is from Chelsea’s Messy Apron.


I haven’t really been hungry but for some reason I want this soup…recipe is on The Kitchn.


This book looks really interesting to me…I just now noticed the faces…in yellow…hmmm.


I am tired…TV last night was nonexistent…I fell asleep early and woke up during the night so the result is I feel tired and grumpy now.

I can’t go anywhere…I can’t do anything…it’s a Poor Patty kind of day.  I have tons of laundry to fold…but I am not in the mood to do anything…sigh!


14 thoughts on “So Far It’s Been A Lazy Week…

  1. Mary says:

    All the food looks good to me because its been two days since I ate (colonoscopy prep, yay).
    Funny, I didn’t notice the faces on the cover until you mentioned it.


  2. BermudaOnion says:

    If you’re not in the mood to do anything, I say do nothing!

    Half of What You Hear sounds good to me. We have a mean girl/woman in our neighborhood but I steer clear of her. I think I’m too old/unstylish for her to worry about me. I do feel sorry for her little girl though.

    I want that soup even though it’s in the 70s here.


  3. Stefanie says:

    If you don’t want to do nothing, that’s okay. Cut yourself some slack. I’m craving soup too. Those cookies look good and we love kettle chips because they’re thick and crunchy.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I want soup and a grilled cheese. It’s funny now that I am not cooking…I just can’t yet…that I realize how much I cooked. Den is good but he is afraid to make certain foods…like a simple grilled cheese.


  4. Kathryn says:

    The soup looks great, chips don’t appeal to me ever! Hope you are feeling a little recovered, being tired is not fun. I like the look of Half of What You Hear. Will check it out on GR.


  5. Ti says:

    Turkey flavored chips?? Uh, doesn’t sound all that good to me.

    I saw some Eggnog liquor at Trader Joe’s/ EGGNOG. But boozy and to add to coffee and stuff. It sounds so good. I need a bottle.

    Last night I introduced my daughter to Brie. She has has it before but not the way most people have it. She was complaining that I never buy regular cheese so I fixed her a cracker with cream triple cream Brie and a dot of fig jam. She took the whole thing to her room.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      That is too funny! We have just rediscovered fig jam, too, but we have it with Stilton…yum! The person who tried the TJ’s chips said they were incredible. I am not sure I would buy them, though!


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