Oh My…

Nothing much is going on in my part of the world…voting, appointments, TV watching, WordChums playing, dormer replacing.  We have to have our dormers redone.  They are wood and we have always maintained them but the wood is sort of disintegrating and painting them won’t fix the problem.  But Mike…our amazing contractor…has promised that he doesn’t need inside the house access…we don’t even have to be home…and they will be redone.  We are accepting of the fact that we will stay here for Thanksgiving and I am just a touch bored with staying inside and away from crowds.  There are tons of things that I can do inside but I am not in the mood for organizing.  All I seem to do is go to appointments.  The weather is cold and dreary, too, so that doesn’t help my mood.

I finished this…it was really good.  I am almost done with this.  It’s really good, too.

There is no method to what I am choosing to read and review.  I am looking at covers…that’s my method.  Up next?  Probably these…

I want either a gingerbread cookie or a gingerbread man cookie.  One of each of these would be best but I don’t want to make them.  Hmmmm.  All of these cookies are in this cookbook…


I think I am hungry for this pasta…06CD6590-DAE1-496C-B101-DDC6709BE42A

Poor Den is just a tad frustrated with what I think I want to eat because as soon as he gets everything I am not hungry for it any more.  Sigh!  But I am really hungry for this big rigatoni pasta.  And chemo does strange things to the way you taste things and smell things.  The one constant food that I crave daily is pickles!  Seriously…they soothe my stomach for some odd reason.  I need pickles!  And this brand is my favorite!  Yum!

Den just came home with everything I thought I wanted.  Oh boy!  I hope I still want it!

Have a great weekend…


23 thoughts on “Oh My…

  1. Mary says:

    We had a couple inches of snow last night so I’m loving the cover of the Susan Mallery book. New series or stand alone? Sorry about the boredom. I can see why that’s a challenge. Glad the work on the house is getting done though. I hope one of the books takes you away.
    Oh, I found a red truck christmas cookie jar yesterday. I actually thought, if I had Patty’s number I’d text her a pic 😀


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    California Girls looks great…and so does Such a Perfect Wife.

    I love dill pickles…and the gingerbread men look delicious and fun.

    Staying indoors can be frustrating, but at least you have wonderful and spacious rooms, including that cozy “apartment.” Enjoy!


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    I’m sure you’re getting cabin fever but, when this is over with, it will have been worth it. I wish I were close by to come over and entertain you. (Or maybe you’d entertain me. :))


  4. lakesidemusing says:

    Choosing a book by its cover is just fine by me… the Susan Mallery book looks especially inviting. I’m sorry things are so dreary for you right now. A gingerbread cookie might be just what you need! We’ll be flying north on Friday and I’m already dreading the snow, cold, and gloom.


  5. DEZZY says:

    Uh, oh, winter is not the best of times for construction work but sometimes we gotta do it! I should replace my balcony doors, but I want them replaced with PVC ones, I can’t handle wood any more… too much work and too much breeze with it! I’ll probably do it next week if I find myself in the mood for it 🙂
    We do love pickles! Although you should probably put tons of medical shrooms in your diet such as cordyceps, reishi, shitake, ganoderma and chaga etc as they help fully take away the symptoms of chemo.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I need to find these mushrooms! Did you know that my town is the mushroom capital of the world but only for ordinary mushrooms…portobellos and creminis and a few other exotics! On New Year’s Eve we have a Lighted Mushroom Drop!


      • DEZZY says:

        Yes, but these are exotic ones, from Asia, they’re medical shrooms which means you can order them over internet in the form of pills. I know people who did not feel chemo symptoms thanks to those shrooms. And also aloe juice, I think my sister from Indiana drinks that during her monthly chemos.


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