A Tumultuous Day!!!

I think I spelled that right!  We are on pins and needles all day…Patty and Den and Lucy…waiting for news of Roxie Blue who will be at the vet getting her teeth cleaned with possibly one little teeny tiny tooth extracted.  My cats are both purebred Tonkinese…sweet puppylike smallish kitties.  Roxie barely weighs 6 pounds!  They are muscular kitties filled with energy!  They fetch, they talk, they even reprimand their people if their people fail to carry out their kitty commands.  Roxie loves men and will somersault into any visitor’s arms demanding attention.  She adores Den…he is her designated person so he is worried that she will be mad at him for putting her through this.  Tonks also are known to have tooth and gum issues and although I brush her teeth…she couldn’t escape this cleaning!  She will be at the vet’s all day long!  Do you see that kitty smile?  My sweet little Roxie!


reading and really enjoying this.  It’s a lovely slow mover about Johanna who returns to Martha’s Vineyard in the midst of winter to help her ailing gruff Uncle Hank.  She finds lots of interesting things to do and even meets a new man who is at the center of a huge helicopter crisis.


Off to worry even more about Roxie!  I am soothed today by watching a marathon of reruns of the Great British Baking Show on Netflix!



24 thoughts on “A Tumultuous Day!!!

  1. Mary says:

    Sending good thoughts for Roxie (and her family). It was always a stressful day when our dog had to have teeth cleaned (she’s been gone almost 5 years). Poor pets. I hope Roxie does just fine.
    I was surfing Hoopla this morning and found the first three seasons of GBBS there. I’ll try watching that way. Love the show. Looking forward to your final thoughts on On The Same Page!


  2. aubieal0878 says:

    Love ❤️ & kisses 😘 for Roxie! She’ll forgive Den and you because y’all will woooo her with a special goody once she’s ready to eat.
    Love GBBS! I need to check and see if it’s On Demand Xfinity.


  3. DEZZY says:

    We do adore Great British Bake Off, although I kinda stopped watching sometime when that Nadiya person won…
    Paws crossed for Roxie! My tomcat would probably kill me during sleep if I ever tried to brush his teeth! He still despises me for putting camomile tea into his eye two years ago when he had a fight with some pirate cat from the block and was almost left without it.


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