Snow! Lots Of It, Too!

We had a deliciously delightful snowy icy day yesterday!  We had to zip out in the morning for my weekly blood test…thank goodness it’s minutes away…and we are so familiar and comfy there that I almost wore my pajamas!  Usually we zip out at about 3 to do this and grab dinner or run errands if we need to but the weather was getting really bad so we went in early.  Our fave Country Butcher is on the same street so Den, Lucy, Roxie and I split a mile high turkey sandwich for lunch.  Eating a whole one is impossible.  Roxie and Lucy both love turkey and seem to have a second sense when this sandwich is around.  So…it must be shared!  They will sit in front of me until they get a little nibble of turkey!  Actually more than a little nibble!

I seriously think that Roxie and Lucy see all that turkey and feel righteous in demanding a share.  Especially Roxie since her teeth cleaning ordeal…


Den and I spent the rest of the day watching TV, reading, and playing WordChums…we have a minimum of 10 games going on at the same time…and…that’s not counting other people we play with!


I finished this and it really was a lovely book.  It has crotchety grumpy men, an interesting island community, an interesting caretaker for the grumpy old man…that would be Johanna.  Johanna moves her life from New York to Martha’s Vineyard to care for her Uncle Hank who is incredibly ungrateful!  She chops wood, cares for his chickens, feeds him…and all he does is yell!  She freelances for the local papers to make some income.  That’s when she meets her uncle’s nemesis…handsome, wealthy Orion Smith.  This is when the book gets good…I loved their relationship…it’s a romance with substance!  I really enjoyed this book!


Now I am reading this…

Owen leads a privileged life.  His father runs a company that literally supports his entire town.  When he disappears with everyone’s retirement and leaves people penniless…his wife and son are left to deal with this mess.  This book started out great and has stayed that way!


Perhaps up next…one of these…

We are in for a cold weekend!  See you on Monday with more book news!


22 thoughts on “Snow! Lots Of It, Too!

  1. Mary says:

    I’m so glad you loved On The Same Page. I entered the GR giveaway for it *fingers crossed*
    I want that turkey sandwich!
    Sending you a couple more inches of snow in a day or so 🙂


  2. Greg says:

    Oh my gosh that sandwich looks delish! I want one now!!! Glad that you had a nice relaxing snow day. 🙂

    The Lying Woods has me curious… I see that one popping up a lot now, and it sounds good…

    Have a good weekend!


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