It’s cold outside!  It’s supposed to be unbelievably cold on Thanksgiving Day!  My sister Paula sent me a surprise package.  This beautiful wrap was inside.  I am keeping it next to my side of the bed and wrapping myself in it as soon as I wake up before the heat really gets turned higher.  It’s soft and warm!  If you are noticing that little pinkish blanket tucked into the foot of our bed Den has it tucked there so Lucy won’t slip into that crevasse when she climbs up into our bed which is no less than 100 times a day.  We try to cover all potential injuries with her in her old age!  That photo is us in Maine in the gardens of Primo…one of our favorite restaurants…Lucy was afraid of the chickens!


I am happily reading this turn of the century detective book.  It’s fun and very entertaining!  Perfect for me right now!


My lovely Edelweiss has sent me some amazing books this week…the first two books are my much loved middle grade one and a fantasy one.

NetGalley this week was also filled with surprises…Montauk takes place in the 30’s…yum!  Laura Childs book is a cozy mystery, the Little Teashop book is about friendship and The Winter Sister is an intense mystery.  Just the kinds of books that I yearn to dive into!  There is just so much to read!

Today is a stay at home day…pasta for dinner…my sister also put big gigante pasta in her package to me…for some reason this kind of dry pasta can only be found near Youngstown, Ohio.  We love these big shapes.  Tonight we are sautéing pancetta, adding red sauce and parmigiana reggiano cheese and eating!  Yum!


Lucy has succeeded in her quest to get in her favorite comfy spot.  It’s so hard to refuse a kitty!


Have a warm and lovely day!


24 thoughts on “Brrrrrr…

  1. Peggy says:

    The cover on Montauk really attracts me! Such a cool pasta shape. Youngstown area had such a wonderful Italian presence. It’s so neat that you and I are from the same area.


  2. aubieal0878 says:

    I LO VE Laura Child books! I’m so behind reading my fav authors.
    I have the big penna pasta, not sure of the name rigatoni?? Used it to make a baked ziti.
    Did your sister knit the wrap? It’s beautiful and soft looking.
    Rain is moving in this afternoon along with a cold front but not as cold as last week.

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  3. Ti says:

    I just got some pancetta for my Brussels sprouts later this week. The shawl is beautiful and it’s even cold here…coldish. I didn’t get to read today but maybe tomorrow.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      It does have a dramatic cover, doesn’t it! The edging is beautiful when you see it in person. She reminds me of you with her knitting and her yarn acquisitions! I want her to go to that big yarn show you go to!


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