The Day Before Thanksgiving…

We are picking up tomorrow’s dinner this afternoon and tucking it into the refrigerator to be prepped for tomorrow. Den wants to eat mid afternoon so that he has time to have a turkey sandwich later.  The only thing I am making today is cranberry sauce.  Den loves this stuff!


I finished these books…

I just started this one…


I loved the first book.  The second one was just ok.  The last book is sort of strange.  The characters have some unique issues but so far I am not drawn to them…at all.  I don’t want to stop reading it because I am curious about where their lives will take them but I don’t really enjoy reading about their issues as they are now.  I guess it’s not the book I thought it would be although there are tons of cookies in it. Sigh!

Tomorrow I want to nestle down in the family room…watch the parade…and chill until heat everything up time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s another time to count my blessings!  Den and I were chatting today about all of the packing and traveling we have done to get home for Thanksgiving throughout the years.  We have flown on crowded Wednesdays and driven through snow storms.  We have left early on Thanksgiving Day to arrive literally minutes before dinner.  It still feels weird not to have home to go to…I guess you never really get over that feeling!  It’s still hard to drive down Illinois Avenue in McDonald, Ohio and not see my parents in our house.  Den can say the same thing about Zenobia Street and his parents in Denver, Colorado.  The amazing story is actually how we met each other.  I am very thankful for that, too!


28 thoughts on “The Day Before Thanksgiving…

  1. Ti says:

    So you make your own cranberry sauce? I usually do but I am the only one to eat it. The rest of my family insists on the canned variety. This year with me being sick I bought Trader Joe’s Cranberry Orange Relish for myself. They had one with persimmons but I love a good citrus sauce.

    Last night I made a tray of dressing and we worked the community outreach dinner. So much food leftover. I gave away ten whole pies by the end of the night because there was so much. I also gave away 5 bags of rolls. Each family at the end got to take trays of food home too. The day before we didn’t have enough people signed up to donate and then bam…such an abundance.

    Today I will make the cornbread for the stuffing but I will wait for my daughter to get home from school. She helps with that.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Yes…my family only likes the canned one, too and my mom used to make a jello cranberry dish that was so good…something not nutritious but so good…it had some kind of cream cheese topping and walnuts. Sounds weird doesn’t it. Den loves simple fresh cranberries…no orange just cooked and cooled. He could eat it with everything! That’s unusual to have food leftover but good that people could take home extra food! So you should have a relaxed day today?


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love the look of your Thanksgiving spread…I can almost smell it! And I love those evening Turkey sandwiches, with some stuffing and cranberry sauce. Yum!

    Happy Thanksgiving…and yes, my traditions are very different these days, too, but I like being nearby for the holidays.


  3. Barbara says:

    I buy several packages of cranberries where they are on sale at this time of year. I freeze the extras in the original package and then I have them for muffins, a side dish for ham or chicken throughout the year. i”m glad you are having a cozy Thanksgiving.


  4. Candace Patterson (Hunt) says:

    Patty, you cannot leave us hanging!!! How did you and Den meet? I think as we get a little older being home can be very comforting. We live in the north also and our travel at Christmas is always a stressful time not knowing what the weather will be. Happy US Thanksgiving!


  5. Shirley McCollough Cantriel says:

    . Happy Thanksgiving Patty and Dennis. I know you are thankful you have each other. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  6. Kathryn says:

    And you can guess what i love the most – the quilt which is gorgeous. Hope your thanksgiving is enjoyable and gentle. Great idea to be all prepared the day before. Hmm sounds like this Jodi Thomas book is not quite up to your level of hope.


  7. Mary says:

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner (and sandwiches later), Patty and Den 😀
    The Jodi Thomas book is second in a series. I wonder if not reading the first is affecting your enjoyment of the second?


  8. Stefanie says:

    You sound in good spirits which is wonderful. Hugs. I am making Oprah’s Cheddar Cheese and Chives Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Bacon Bits and Martha Stewart’s Icebox Pumpkin Mousse Pie tomorrow. We leave at 3 pm tomorrow to travel up into the city to my paternal grandmother’s.


  9. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    I hope you and Den have a wonderful Thanksgiving cozy at home. The food will be delicious I am sure- and I love that you are eating early enough for Den to have a turkey sandwich. I am hopping on the treadmill soon and then showering and leaving to drive to RI to my aunt’s house (where we go every year). We will chat, eat and then head back home after dinner. I hope there will be a few leftovers this year. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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