So…Where We Are Now…


Today is a typical Friday.  We are sort of up by 7 but sometimes that time is determined by these two…we have a better chance of sleeping in when it’s colder outside.  They are more reluctant to crawl out of bed and yell at us for breakfast.


Today is Day 3 after chemo…I feel ok…just a little tired…it might sound weird but I always think I can feel the chemo stuff rumbling around in me…attacking the bad stuff and chasing it away.  These are the days when I need the apartment, the coziness of our bedroom.  Den worries that I am not doing enough but sometimes I just can’t…I am sort of waiting to feel better.  Mornings are rough…I can’t do morning appointments but as the day goes on I feel better…stronger…you just can’t understand what living in this world is like…and I would not wish it for anyone.

Stay healthy!


I was randomly looking over some of my books yesterday and came upon these…I read the first one…Magpie Murders…loved it…and then forgot about the others.  I am reading The Word Is Murder now and it’s very good.  They are written sort of unusually and about a writer…the author of the Alex Rider series of books…who just happens to be Anthony Horowitz.  I can’t say enough about how incredibly good these books are.  The covers fascinate me, too.  Plain and simple…


Cooking is beyond my capability right now.  I can sit and tell Den what to do but looking at food components is not appealing to me at all.  We rely on all of the awesome small local shops around us as well as Wegman’s.  What we eat is determined by what I am in the mood for so we plan for a day or two at a time.  Den is amazing at adjusting for me during my food phobias.  Yesterday we had sushi from Wegman’s for dinner.  I can only eat cooked sushi so I had cooked salmon and veggie quinoa sushi loaded with carrots, cucumber, and avocado.  It was perfect.  Today we are having a stuffed chicken breast and baked sweet potatoes.  The chicken comes prepped from our butcher…Den was hungry for it and it’s easy for him to do.  Tomorrow we are having steak and we are going to try making scalloped potatoes.  Even though I can’t cook right now it was hard for me to turn it over to Den…I was used to cooking everything for him and I loved doing it but this food phobia phase is hopefully temporary.  Sigh!

We are cleaning today…or rather Den is…I will dust and fold laundry!  Tomorrow we want to attempt pulling out some Christmas bins and put out Christmas Santas…Monday is Tree Day!

Have a lovely weekend!  I will be back here on Monday!


19 thoughts on “So…Where We Are Now…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Yum, the stuffed chicken breast sounds good! So do scalloped potatoes. I used to chop up bell peppers…and also mix in mushroom soup. Yeah, the lazy way.

    Enjoy your books…and pulling out a few Christmas bins.

    I don’t like cooking and I have no excuse. Just that I did a lot of cooking back in the day. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    The kitties look so cute curled up together. I like to sleep in later in the cold too.

    I am so glad you have Den and that he is able to help with cleaning etc. I am sure it is hard for you feeling tired and going through your chemo. Sending hugs an good wishes that you will be getting healthier and healthier.

    Hope the books are great!


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Probably better not to push yourself too hard after chemo… take your time with the decorating, etc. My goal is to get the lights on our tree today and ornaments if we’re especially ambitious. Your books look good. Magpie Murders has been on my wish list since it came out. I’m hoping to start Ellen Hilderbrand’s new novel today. Hope you have a peaceful, cozy weekend!


  4. Greg says:

    Good luck with Tree day, and hope you feel better and continue to feel better! Hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend too. 🙂

    Love the cat pic- they look so cozy!


  5. Kathryn says:

    You are right only you can really understand, but we appreciate your saying how it is and I sure feel for you. Yes we will endeavour to stay healthy! Hope it is improving as I am a bit late visiting!


  6. Stefanie says:

    I have yet to try making potatoes au gratin. They sound really good. I used to stuff chicken breasts; it’s a lot of work. Just go with the flow; you can’t help feeling the way you do.


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