Oh My…

My love/ hate with Comcast continues but this week it’s a definite LOVE!  They added Amazon Prime to the easily accessible apps available on Xfinity!  Before they did this we had to get out a separate remote just for Prime and do some weird switchy stuff to watch Prime.  It was a pain for me and I never did it.  Then we couldn’t even get Prime on our newer family room TV…needless to say we never watched Prime!  Now I have a full Watchlist and we are bingeing on Mrs. Maisel…between football games.  And I am bewitched by this show called Mexican Street Foods.  I am fascinated with watching the host bite off and chew tacos!  And while Den is downstairs watching football I am watching an Agatha Christie movie on Prime…Crooked House!  It’s so good!


Finished this…a really really intense…nerve wracking…nail biting…chiller.  Lydia…so perfect yet so evil!


Now reading this…it’s a fast and fun book about a British mummy blogger…it’s clever, light hearted but with an undertone of mean.  That’s always fun!  This book is out of order…I shouldn’t be reading it now but I am hooked!


Some new books…from NetGalley…

Some more new books from Edelweiss…

Sunday morning…Roxie loves reading the papers with Den…


Have a great day!


18 thoughts on “Oh My…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I also LOVED An Anonymous Girl…and I had to laugh about all the extra remotes and “switchy stuff” you had to go through to watch Prime. Some people own Smart TVs, with all the apps on it already. Mine involves the extra remote and a Blu-Ray player on two of my TVs…which I guess would be the “switchy stuff.” I’m kind of used to it, but when I need to replace my TVs, I’ll be looking for something easier.

    I love Mrs. Maisel and I finished both seasons….can’t wait for another, but it will probably be another year. Isn’t that how it goes?

    Enjoy your week! I love that cozy chair in the last photo.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Thank you! Our TV’s are smart but Until Saturday Prime wasn’t an app option. Netflix is easy…just a click but Comcast and Jeff Bezos worked out a deal where Prime is now an app through Xfinity. I was dancing with joy!

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  2. Greg says:

    Oh that’s cool about Prime! I’ve heard of that Crooked House series on Prime and now I kinda wanna try it!

    Also An Anonymous Girl looks good and twisty. 🙂


  3. Ti says:

    That photo of Roxie reading the paper is too much.
    Right now, we are dealing with another mass shooting threat to our campus. This one was more detailed. It’s forced the campus to do finals online tomorrow but really, finals are all week long and next so I don’t know how one day with an alternate plan will help. Tomorrow, 12/12 is the day they targeted .


  4. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    We have Prime- but I have never watched anything on my tv because I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really figure it out. I will have to look into it. Sounds like it may be easier- I have Comcast/Xfinity too. 🙂 Thanks! Happy reading too!


  5. Carol Evans says:

    David was complaining the other day that he went to watch something on Comcast and it told him he had to have Amazon Prime so he gave up. I told him we have Amazon prime, just need to log in. I haven’t gotten around to checking it out yet though. Enjoy your reading!


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