It’s Friday!

I am reading snippets of three books…I seem to be reading more of An Anonymous Girl which had a sneaky way of drawing me in.  I went back to Winter In Paradise but for some reason it just doesn’t appeal to me…I am not giving it up yet, though.  Probably if I opened my mind to it more I would start to get into it but deep down I didn’t want Elin Hildebrand to write about a setting other than her norm.  She shouldn’t have changed things up on me.  I liked things the way they were.  Sigh!  The Last Romantics is good but I will probably stay with An Anonymous Girl until I finish it.

Two sweet children’s books came my way…both are thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated.

We are into Christmas decorating!  The house has wreaths, flood lights on the wreaths and candles in all of the windows.  We are still hauling up bins of Santas…the Noble Fir is standing “nobley” in the sunroom…patiently waiting for ornaments and lights.  Soon…little tree…soon.


I think we are going out to lunch today…a drive on country roads either to The Whip…or Four Dogs…we haven’t decided.  Almost every restaurant in PA looks like these and George Washington has been to all of them…heeheehee…

So far this morning Den has gone to church, picked up bagels, taken Lucy for fluids…and now I hear him puttering around downstairs.  He is ready for lunch!  I am still lounging in the apartment reading and blogging and chilling with Roxie sleeping on me and I am still tired!  Sigh!

Off we go to Four Dogs…I am hungry for their French Onion Soup!

Have a happy week end!


18 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Okay, now you are making me hungry for French Onion soup! Sounds perfect for a cold day. Four Dogs sounds like a fun restaurant…it reminds me of Mad Duck, where my daughter and I had lunch recently. LOL

    I am also reading An Anonymous Girl and loving it. Unlike you, though, I enjoyed how Hilderbrand changed up things in A Winter Paradise. There was more depth to the story, IMO.

    Your sunroom looks gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Thank you about the sun room…now I am worried that I don’t like depth…maybe that’s why I can’t get into the Hildebrand book but I am trying again because of you and JoAnne…I will read it! I can’t decide between those two restaurants…both have French Onion Soup but the Whip’s is English cheddar and Stilton. Oh my!

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  2. Ti says:

    French Onion Soup.. yum.

    Today I brought leftover fettuccine from the other day. I topped it with Bolognese and sauteed orange bell peppers and sweet Italian sausage. Little known fact, I like green bell peppers okay but I love orange and yellow ones the best! RED ones make me ill. They give me heartburn.

    Tonight I have a work party to attend. I made coconut macaroons (requested every year) and there will be Honeybaked Ham stuff, turkey and all the yummy appetizers people make.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      That will be fun! Your after work party…we ended up at the Whip and I had their version of French Onion Soup…some cider and cheddar cheese…it was so good! Den and I each had soup and a local cheese board…with honey comb and candied pecans and chunks of crusty bread and cornichons… and duck bacon…


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