A Lazy Friday…

The last of the Christmas packages came today.  I ordered…or rather Santa ordered…Den a jacket that didn’t come until today.  It was back ordered but they sent it as soon as they could.  It’s called a Bend In The Road jacket and it suits Den’s new laid back style really well.  It has all kinds of pockets and secret compartments.  Perfect for carrying my stuff and his!  Why wouldn’t a little lipstick fit in one of those pockets?


Today was a good coat day for me, too!  I rarely find sales but this Eileen Fisher coat was on sale at Nordstrom’s!  It was half off!  I love boxy winter coats and I needed one.  I have been looking for this style forever!  I apparently bought the last one!  Yahoo for me!


It is a dreary rainy dark gloomy overcast day here.  We watched Lady Bird and are planning on staying in.  I was exhausted from yesterday’s cat scan because I had to drink weird stuff and go back and forth to two different places.  I wasn’t supposed to eat anything after 7:30 and we were still sleeping at 7:15.  Den jumped out of bed to get toast to eat before 7:30…if he hadn’t made that save I would have starved!  My hero!  Plus Den makes the best toast ever!  Yum!


I am reading this and it’s so good.  It’s not out until April but I could not resist it.  A murder, a son, affairs…it’s just intense and fast paced and absorbing.  And weird sisters…one married the others husband…even the title is intriguing!


I have a stack of April books that look so good.  I am unable to resist them!

Have a great weekend…I will return on Monday!


17 thoughts on “A Lazy Friday…

  1. Barbara from Goodreads says:

    Wow!! I love the coats, you have good taste. I live in Florida and do really need any. I am glad to see you can venture out once in while. You are lucky to have such a caring husband. Enjoy your books. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  2. Kathryn says:

    Yay for Den saving the day with the toast! He sure deserves that totally gorgeous jacket. Good that you are enjoying your book, one I am reading at the moment is like – going so slow!!


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