Happy New Year!

How can I lose a knitting needle?  And just one!  I have a tiny bit of my scarf to finish and I thought that I put it and the needles…size 15 needles which are huge…in a smallish side table in the living room.  The scarf and the needles and attached yarn should have been in this safe spot all summer…all fall…until right now when I went to get them to finish my scarf.  But…only one needle is there!!!  I have quizzed/interrogated Den endlessly but he swears he never saw it!  I wanted to finish my scarf yesterday during all of the endless football games but I am without 1 needle!  I don’t even understand it and there is no one to blame but Den! I want my size 15 needle!  I suddenly have an urge to knit again so I bought these kits from We Are Knitters…a site I love because most of their projects are on giant needles.  I am making Den the first scarf in olive green…even though he lost my needle…I just bet he used it for poking something.  I am making me the snood and the sweater…as soon as I get new needles!  Every project requires size 15 needles and I only have one!  Again…how can a needle that was tucked away all summer just disappear?

We are going out to dinner tonight…but an early dinner…I hope I can stay awake until midnight but I doubt that I will…sigh!


I am reading this…it’s a series I love!


New books from Edelweiss…

I am spending the rest of this day relaxing before dinner.

Have a safe night tonight whatever you are doing!


19 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Maybe one of the kitties carried it off and it is just hiding somewhere, in a place where one of them tucked it. LOL

    Enjoy those books. I will have to take a nap this afternoon if I want to stay up until midnight. We’ll see how it goes.

    Happy New Year!


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