Momentous Stuff…Finding My Size 15 Giant Needle…

First…Den found my knitting needle 30 minutes after I spent $44.00 on new size 15 needles and two skeins of this big fat beautiful organic yarn!  It was on sale and all I needed was two of them for a big long fat scarf!  A bargain!  It’s from a store…Noble Knits…one town over from us but it’s an online store only. I felt really badly buying only knitting needles…thus the yarn!

Now…the needle…after looking under sofas, chairs and more…Den looked in a big basket by the fireplace…it was in the basket.  I still think either one of us or both of us grabbed it and used it for some kind of poking and just tossed it in the basket…there are wooden watermelon pieces from my watermelon collection in that basket and this big needle was sort of hidden.  My gut tells me Den did it.  But I am over it.  I have a spare pair and more yarn to share!


Two recipes we are making this week…half baked harvest’s Arugula Salad with crispy chick peas, feta and sundried tomatoes…and her one skillet Orzo and  Lemony Chicken…we stopped to get supplies today so we are all set!

Books…still reading this…I thought this was a series I had read before but to my surprise this is the last one…#14…and I haven’t read any of them.  I love this book…mystery, Scottish, great characters…so I bought the first one and my plan is to read them all…eventually.


Today was Chemo Day…it’s #4…all is good.  Whew!  I had a scan and it was good.  This cancer that I have that has taken over my life has given me sadness, incredible new friends, and even joy at times.  Lots of things that used to matter don’t matter so much any more and that’s ok!  The Chemo Room…my name for it…is filled with surprise conversations!  Today across the room a sweet lady and I talked movies…last week another sweet lady and I talked caviar.  People say the same thing…it’s always…I don’t mean to interrupt…but then we all interrupt each other.  There are hot blankies and cookies and candy and tv and snacks…lots of snacks.  People order food…today someone had yummy lunch sandwiches delivered.  There is always an incredible nurse there if you have questions about anything…Ronny and Meghan are our special nurses.  Meghan told me to drink apple juice so Den zipped out to get me Knudsen’s Organic and I love it!  Nurses are the best!  This is Den’s position in our little chemo booth.  He sets up water, gets me a hot blankie, puts up my foot rest, sets up my baby iPad to WiFi and then we wait for all the bags to drop…Chemo, magnesium, nausea stuff, steroids…sigh!  Den says Chemo Day exhausts him!


I think I am going to knit tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “Momentous Stuff…Finding My Size 15 Giant Needle…

  1. aubieal0878 says:

    Great about the knitting needle! Love 💕 those watermelon pieces! I had some cute pieces including a medium size ceramic basket. Watermelon and sunflowers 🌻 look so good together.


  2. BermudaOnion says:

    I am so thankful for your good news! And for Den, too – it’s so nice to know there are still people who take “for better or worse” seriously.

    I knew you’d find that knitting needle after you bought a new one – that’s what always happens to me.


  3. Ti says:

    It figures that the needle was found after you bought new ones.

    I’m so glad another round of chemo is behind you. All that food ordering is fun. Nurses, if you have good ones can really make the whole process better.


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