Even Though…

So…even though Den found my knitting needle…the one that he lost…I haven’t started knitting  my scarf yet.  I was so intense about finishing it last week when I only had one needle…but for now I am not in the mood.  But I have a great reason!  This book and this series.  I love it and can’t get enough of it.  I am almost finished with the first book in this series and it’s every bit as great as the last book I read.  Lorimer and his wife Maggie are interesting characters…and I am getting introduced to newer characters that have already become established in the first book I read.  I read The Swedish Girl first and now I am reading Never Somewhere Else…which is the first book in this series.  Second is Sleep Like The Dead…the series is Scottish…Lorimer is the main man and there is always a complex murder to solve…I really love these books.  I think there are more than 14 books in this series in all.  I plan to read them all!

The week after New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is a slow and quiet one for us…we just sort of stay in and relax…we watch stuff, we play stuff, we read stuff.  We eat stuff!  Den swears off of sweets and wine for a cleansing month.  We plan to give up meat for awhile.  We want to clean out closets.  The usual stuff…

Word chums is our game of choice…Mrs. Maizel is our viewing choice…Den is reading The Reckoning and I am reading these Alex Grays…we are going to be cooking more Mediterranean foods from Den’s new cookbook.  We will be eating vibrantly!  Yahoo!


There is a very big Philadelphia Eagles game this week end so you know where Den will be on Sunday at 4:40…with snacks!

Have a great weekend…I will be back on Monday with more books!


13 thoughts on “Even Though…

  1. DEZZY says:

    Hooray for the Mediterranean Diet! That’s the healthiest one in the world! You won’t see many Greeks and Italians with heart diseases just like you won’t see many Asians with cancer (because they stay away from dairy and meat, dairy is especially dangerous for breast cancer).
    In other news, I’ve always wanted to marry a Scott! Or and Irishman, I’m not really picky…. just make them blond.


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