A Good Hair Day!

So…today was Hair Day!  We take our 1 hour and 1 minute drive to Skippack so that Lauren T. can trim, tame and finess our hair!  My hair is now shorter in the back and longer on the sides and looks like I actually have a style.  All of my chemo curls are gone and my hair is totally straight again.  It’s thinner than it usually is…I normally have really thick hair…but that’s because of the chemo I am getting now…hopefully I only have two more treatments.  I am thankful for just being able to keep my hair during treatment…so thankful.  I used to wish that my hair was less thick…but…I have learned to just be thankful for every little gift.  Hair…health…life…sigh!

In case you haven’t noticed…there has been an abundance of Panera’s commercials on TV this week.  So…all I wanted for lunch was either Panera’s Tomato Soup or their Cheesy Broccoli Soup.  But…we drove past a tavern with an overflowing parking lot so we turned the car around and went in.  It’s called the Black Powder Tavern and of course it has a connection to George Washington and the two other gentlemen I have shown below.  The Black Powder Tavern was in use in 1746.  Apparently they made lots of war plans there…secretive plans.  We had Grilled Salmon Salads that were excellent!  Thank you, George!

These two dudes were George’s Besties!  The came up with secret war plans and clever tricks!  George really got around!



My enemy’s enemy is my friend. As long as we were sticking it to the Brits our friends the French were willing to lend a hand. The young Marquis De Lafayette was befriended by General Washington and they remained life long friends. A member of the French aristocracy, Marquis de Lafayette was well schooled in strategy and was a great contributor to the victories enjoyed by the Continental Army that led to our Nation’s freedom.



Also around the table leaning over battlefield plans was Baron von Steuben. This Prussian born military officer not only was an essential advisor to the father of our nation, he wrote the book that was used to train our troops for the next fifty years. His advanced battle field sensibilities and strong sense of discipline instructed our troops on how to gain an advantage even when out manned or out gunned.



While the troops hunkered down for the winter at nearby Valley Forge, General George took important strategy meetings and knocked back an ale or two right here at our old tavern…the Black Powder Tavern.


This Tavern had lovely rooms and tons of IPA beers.  And lots of paintings of George!

Still reading this…it’s really good.  A reporter is covering the story of two missing young girls in Thailand but soon enough the reporter discovers that her son might be involved.  Short chapters, excellent writing and a fast pace make this book unputdownable!


Off to read…


14 thoughts on “A Good Hair Day!

  1. Kathryn says:

    Enjoy the reading. Thick hair is such a blessing so even though yours has struggles it started from a point of strength. Sounds like the hairdresser visit was well worth it.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I didn’t post a hair pic…it’s shorter in the back because the top is thinner from chemo….you can’t tell but I can tell so I was weird about a photo. I had this grilled salmon salad with a sort of Teriyaki dressing…it was so good. Sesame seeds and lots of chopped veggies. There was a sweet flavor to the salmon and the dressing that I loved.


  2. Mary says:

    What a fun place for lunch. Nice find! I finished The Suspect this morning. You know I’m not a huge mystery reader but I agree about the short chapters making for a good pace. I think I’m on a blog tour for it so my review doesn’t post for a few weeks. Glad to hear your hair style news 🙂


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