Prepping For The Weekend!

So…this was a busy week.  We had somewhere to be almost every day.  Going out every day is still tiring for me especially in our freezing cold weather.  Today we had an appointment at 11:00 but we took ourselves out to lunch as soon as we were done.  We went to Terrain.  Terrain is an incredible garden center with shops and a restaurant.  It’s unique…you can buy beautiful soaps as well as artisanal chocolates., candles, pottery…lotions, potions, jewelry and so much more.   The first time you go to Terrain it can be overwhelming.  Every time I am there I want to buy everything.  The restaurant has only local and organic foods. Den had a board filled with a little bowl of poached eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, Brioche toast and a salad.  I had an omelet…both were yummy.  As soon as you sit down you get a little flower pot of bread and butter.  It felt as though we were eating in a greenhouse and actually we were.  There are lots of Board Foods at Terrain…you will see them in my photos!  Also…outside there is a fire pit with blankets tossed on every chair in case you want to sit and sip a hot drink by the fire!


I kind of disappointed myself because I only read one book this week!  It was so good but it took me all week to read it.


Up next are these…

So…I am ready to stay in all weekend and read and cook and watch TV!  I will see you on Monday!


10 thoughts on “Prepping For The Weekend!

  1. lakesidemusing says:

    You’ve mentioned Terrain before, right? I would LOVE to go there! We all have times when we just don’t get much reading done, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Right now I have a couple of books going, but am not super excited about either, so am starting a third… I never do that! Hope you have a peaceful weekend.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I have mentioned Terrain before. It’s where we get our Christmas trees. We buy unique pots and soaps there, too. This was our first time eating in the cafe. It was wonderful. Crowded, bustling, incredible food. There are Terrains in other locations, too. I finally finished my book and started a new one…which is really good, too!


  2. DEZZY says:

    Garden Centre sounds like a place we should live permanently at! If I had millions I’d buy a Victorian mansion just to have a winter glass garden in which to cosy up with a book and sweets and with a hunky gardener of course…. who’d have to always work shirtless by rule.

    Always loved brown and dark backgrounds on food photos, it makes them glamorous and nom nom nom…


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