A Lovely Monday!

Of course it’s very cold outside and it’s going to get colder as well as snowier.  This is a chemo week…these once a month chemos seem to come quickly.  After this one I will have one more…hopefully…but it will depend on another CATSCAN…ick.  But I feel good…thank God…I still have hair…but it’s thinner than my normal hair.  I am trying so hard not to complain.  There is so much to be thankful for.

Den just brought me a cup of English Breakfast Tea and I am going to stay in the apartment guilt free…reading and blogging…until I get on the treadmill and walk.  On one of Den’s business trips he brought this cup and saucer back to me.  We were just marveling at how he got it home unbroken!   The blue dish behind it is my baby dish…the one my mom used for all of us.  I think she put hot water in it to keep foods warm.  I keep crystals and perfume samples in it!  And my Fitbit.


I am reading this but as soon as I finish my plan is to read The Current.  I have read great things about both of this author’s books.  The first one is called The Descent.

Den took this photo last night from our deck.


Our neighbor reminded us of a painting that was done by another neighbor…Wayne Bystrom.  This was the view we had when we first moved here.  At one time you could find this painting in almost every house in our two street development.  I have other paintings by Wayne that he gifted to me when I taught his children.  But I don’t have the white barn one…I think I have to get it…soon.  Our development was once a dairy farm.  The barn is a residence now, too.  The wharf is gone…it sort of fell apart. The springhouse is still here, too.  I have always loved the water lilies.



Some new books from NetGalley…

And some from Edelweiss…

Have a great Monday!


19 thoughts on “A Lovely Monday!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love the cup and saucer…and the blue dish. I love sentimental objects. I have a few of those, too.

    The paintings are lovely. So is the view from your deck.

    I have She Lies in Wait…can’t wait to read it. I also loved The Winter Sister.

    Enjoy your cozy day in the apartment. I ended up staying in all day yesterday, and even took a nap. I feel so rested today!

    Have a great day.


  2. lakesidemusing says:

    The photo Den took is gorgeous… and I love the white barn painting! You should definitely try and get one! My brother’s development in PA also used to be a farm. They can see the barn across the field from their back deck, but it looks like it’s starting to fall down – nowhere near as pretty as the painting.

    Good luck with this week’s chemo. I’ll be sending positive vibes your way!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I have always loved being at home. Maybe because Den travelled so much and there were times when I would teach all week and hop on a plane on Friday after school to meet him somewhere. I used to yearn to stay at home.


  3. Kathryn says:

    Great books as always. I look forward to The Spies of Shilling Lane, so hope it comes out on audio which I know isn’t for you but would be for me. What a glorious painting and the phot o is gorgeous too. Take care you never moan and if you do – just go for it. Ah you are all talking about the cold, I am sitting here with a drink thinking I need to make some ice in the freezer to go with it!


  4. Greg says:

    I love the artwork. And good for you for staying in and staying warm. It is absolutely brutally cold out here, and sounds like you have lovely weather as well haha!

    Good luck with your chemo treatment, and happy reading- I’m thinking of getting She Lies In Wait too!


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