Not Today!

We had an early chemo appointment today so the morning was a rush.  I can’t eat early in the morning so Den packed me a bagel along with our usual assortment of necessary things.  Phones, baby iPads, ereaders, Japanese Cracker Snacks, Kind Bars, chargers, gum, mints, lollipops, EarPods, lemon drops, photos of the kitties in case we miss them too much, extra books, journals, and anything else we think we might need for our Four Hour Chemo Stay!  We get called in, Den picks out his fave corner cubbie, Den rearranges chairs, tables and all of our stuff  including the chemo apparatus and Ronnie The Nurse comes in to take blood…my blood…before we see the doctor.  We see the doctor…my much loved Dr, Costello and he says no chemo today.  White blood count is too low and chemo would be harmful so we wait until next week and he ordered Neulasta shots so this won’t happen again.  Sigh!  I am totally exhausted…it’s freezing cold here, the wind is blowing furiously and I can’t believe I am sad to get kicked out of chemo!  Plus Neulasta is very painful for me!

I am finishing up this lovely English mystery about a missing girl and a thirty year old cold case.  It’s really good. But I am ready for my next book.  I want this one to be done!


I am in a mystery kind of mood lately and the ones I have been reading have been incredible…so up next…one or two of these.

Does this monster sandwich from halfbakedharvest look so delicious?


We are making this soup this afternoon.  It’s so cold we need a hearty soup along with a crusty baguette and cheese.  That will be dinner!  It’s mostly vegetables but instead of ground sirloin we use lean bison.  Dessert will be one Lindt truffle each…yum!


I am off to rest and read after our trying morning.


16 thoughts on “Not Today!

  1. DEZZY says:

    Sorry to hear about the current state of the immune system, a body can take so much 😦
    Do you leave kittens home alone when you’re out? Are they trustworthy enough to be left alone 🙂 My tomcat Ignatius has a new intruder in the yard, Gilberta, the sister of his wife Snezhana, and I think he is thinking of turning bigamous currently with February awaking his tomcat needs 🙂


    • Patty Magyar says:

      OMG…you do have an interesting kitty situation! That Ignacius! When we are away overnight the girls have a kitty sitter who comes in twice a day. They are fine inside on their own. They have never been outside or stepped on grass. They are inside only! They are like little hothouse flowers!


  2. lakesidemusing says:

    I know it sounds weird to be disappointed about not having chemo, but when you’ve mentally prepared yourself for something and it doesn’t happen, it’s hard. Hope you’re doing well post-neulasta… and that you enjoyed your books and comforting soup!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      The soup helped…I have meds to help with the Neulasta pain…Neulasta is just a weird drug…it boosts your immune system but it makes my joints hurt really badly. The first time I had it was on a Friday and I didn’t know about the joint pain and I literally cried all week end…Tylenol was no help at all. You are supposed to take Claritin a week ahead of the shot to help but it didn’t work so much foe me…but now I am ready for it…I think!


  3. Mary says:

    I bet that soup was perfect for a cold weather meal. We’re seeing the end of the vortex tunnel after a very long week of it. Stay warm!
    Sorry your chemo was canceled. That has to be tough on your mind set.


  4. Ti says:

    So you got all ready for chemo and it was not meant to be. Humph. And then Neulasta! Ugh! But soup helps.

    Today is my one day to have lunch out. I wanted Japanese but last week I had Japanese and got very sick while working backstage so this time maybe I will do a hummus bowl at the Greek place.

    Tonight my daughter has a dress rehearsal but I do not have to work it. I do have to work tomorrow’s show though.


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