Watching Snow!

We had snow squalls yesterday.  The snow came fast and furiously.  I could not see one thing outside but then it stopped and didn’t even stay on the ground.  Today it’s just been snowing for a few hours.  It’s pretty but still cold.  It is supposed to be in the 50’s in a few days.

But that’s how our weather is here.

 The squall!  I guess this photo doesn’t look very squallish but it got much worse.  You have to trust me!  FF752390-C043-4261-AAD5-35CE18552EDC


I have started all three of these and love them all!  The first one has tons of chocolate, cookies and a dead guy complete with moose sprinkles on him plus it takes place in Eastport, Maine…a town I love!  The second one has an irritating old friend who re-enters her friend’s life and complicates it and the third one starts off with two college besties who weren’t always good friends but then became good friends.  The last one is so beautifully written that I love the images I get in my head from it even though it is turning sad.  I will read all three but I am not sure which one I will stay with first.  Sigh!  I think I am influenced by my books because I am craving a chocolate malt!

I think we might go to dinner tomorrow night.  I love going to Hearth Kitchen.  It’s the only place where I can have an actual drink.  Their Cosmopolitan is tart and icy.  I need this drink to be this pale pinkish color.  I need their chopped salad, too, it has apples in it.  Yum!  I might also need their handmade pasta, or their Crab Dip with Wood Fired Pizza Crusts or their meatball starter or their Ricotta Gnocchi…hmmmm!

Plus if I just have a salad and a starter for my dinner course we can split an incredible dessert.  I really just need a bite and Den can have the rest.


Super Bowl Sunday!  Even though neither of Den’s teams are in it…it’s still a fun day for him.  I am thinking of making Bob Armstrong Queso Dip…this recipe is from Homesick Texan.  You get to dip Taco Chips into it.  My new favorite Taco Chips are the organic ones from Costco.  I also think we will order wings from our local BBQ place unless Den makes these baked ones from Epicurious.

The kitties are storing up their energy for Game Day.   They will need it because Den’s cheering really rousts them!


See you Monday…I really don’t care who wins the Super Bowl but I kind of love Tom Brady.



16 thoughts on “Watching Snow!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I don’t watch the Super Bowl, but when I was married or with a guy, I did love the feeling of camaraderie…and the food. Your food looks so delicious.

    I want to read all three of those books, but don’t have any of them on my shelves. Time to check them out? They are probably all pre-release books, so I’ll bookmark them.

    My daughter is doing my hair today! She missed last week because she was sick…so I was afraid she was going to totally flake on our new plan of weekly styling…LOL.

    After the styling, I’m thinking of dinner and one of those drinks.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Mary says:

    You find the best places to eat!
    The vortex finally moved on – I hope you don’t get as cold as we were but at least you’ll be cozy inside with yummy food to watch Tom Brady ;D


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    Our weather is up and down too, but thankfully we don’t get much snow. You can keep it all if you want to.

    We’ll probably have the Super Bowl on but I probably won’t pay much attention to it.


  4. DEZZY says:

    We’ve had snow for a whole month, then it melted and it is unnatural 15*C here, don’t even need the heating. But I hear your country is experiencing polar vortex , hope you are not in the Northern Icy regions.
    I support Maroon 5 performing on Super Bowl even though I don’t much like the band 🙂 I really hate the lynching almost Nazi like atmosphere the liberals have cooked up in your country 😦 It is vile and evil


  5. Ti says:

    Oh, I do not love Brady at ALL. Not even because of the deflate gate thing but because of how he cheated on his girlfriend… maybe was his wife at the time. Pregnant girlfriend. Ugh.


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