A Wickedly Wintery Wednesday…

I have been really laying low the last few days…Den literally had to get out of the house yesterday and zip to Costco and Panera.   I can’t really go out until I get a blood test on Thursday to see whether Neulasta has helped or not.  We could not stand watching the Panera soup commercials for one more day without scoring their Broccoli Cheddar Soup.  Yum…so delicious.  Plus we were out of lots of Costco regulars…for us…Japanese Veggie Noodles, Cauliflower Crust Pizzas,  Organic Greens to sautée, Avocados, Ravioli, Pierogis…Cabot Cheese…Stuff we have tried and love and use…without wasting.  I think it takes a while to learn how to smart shop at Costco.  Probably we still aren’t there…yet.

I finished Watch Hollow yesterday…a great mystical magical fun middle grade reading experience.  I started The Promise…which so far is very promising…heeheehee!

 I am enamored with these little cast iron skillets.  I just bought two of them.  I want to make individual frittatas in them!   I think I am definitely into miniatures lately!


So…that’s my Wednesday…it’s still cold and snowy and we are getting a new tankless water heater today…our second one.  Ours has been starting and stopping very inconveniently.  They apparently last about ten years and ours is about ten years old.  Eventually we will have replaced almost everything in our house!  Our plan was to be away from here before that happened but that is definitely on hold for awhile.

Off to read and watch Murder She Wrote!


16 thoughts on “A Wickedly Wintery Wednesday…

  1. DEZZY says:

    Have fun with all the goodies from the shop, although I think you should stay away from bought food. Raw and natural is the way to boost the immune system! But we all sin occasionally….


  2. BermudaOnion says:

    It’s nice and sunny here today but I think it’s the last day we’ll see the sun for a while. Thankfully there’s no snow, though.

    We never thought we’d be in this house this long either. Everyone who has a tankless water heater loves it but our plumber told us not to get one. I didn’t really understand why.


  3. Stefanie says:

    I have had Panera’s broccoli-cheddar soup; it’s good. I tried making it myself but it’s not as good. I have yet to buy a cast iron; I’m interested in one as some recipes I have looked at in the past require one. I should as my mum as she watches America’s Test Kitchen and has bought products based upon their tests.


  4. Ti says:

    A group here at work organize this big, Chinese New Year lunch and today was the day. We headed out in the rain to gather in the back room of this restaurant. We had soup and shared 8 entrees. I am so stuffed. Tonight? Nothing!! Plus, my son got his part in the musical and this morning my daughter got her part in the musical so we are all happy.


  5. Mary says:

    We keep saying we don’t need the big house anymore (except for holidays because everyone comes to our house). But when I think about what it would take to get it ready to sell, I get very tired, haha. Someday but not yet.
    I hope the Neulasta did its work and you can get out this week. Enjoy the Costco goodies. I need to go one of these days.


  6. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    The soup sounds wonderful! You know I have a Panera around the corner from my condo…and I am resisting it for now. I want to wait until Fiona can go with me, as she loves it there.

    I hope your tests allow you to go out again. Enjoy those books, though.


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