It’s a typical Friday for us…Roxie and I stay home while Den and Lucy go to the vet’s. She gets fluids on Friday, sometimes cold laser for her joints, today she had her nails cut and then they are home.  It’s what we do to keep this 21 year old Tonkinese cat comfortable.  She takes a half of a pain pill every day and a blood pressure pill…also daily.  The minute she walks in the door Roxie body slams her to the ground and probably undoes all the good the vet visit does.  It’s what we deal with by having an older kitty and a younger one at the same time.  Lucy needs peace and rest while Roxie needs games, races and lots of play.  We have a rambunctious preteen and a crotchety older lady at the same time.  Have I ever said how talkative Tonks are?  It seems to us that they are both forever talking at us…seriously.  They say cats sleep a lot but we seem to never have long sleeping kitties.  They sleep long enough to be demanding as soon as they wake up!  But we love Lucy so much…she knew my parents, she adored my mom, she travelled with us…we owe her a comfy old age for all of the love she has given our family…even if she does occasionally yell at us like a crotchety old lady!  We can take it.

Books!  I just finished this…OMG…what a great dysfunctional annoying persistent main character in Juliette/Elizabeth/Lily.  She changes her name when she feels like it.  She loves her BF Nate and wants to be with him forever…if only he realized it.  She stalks him, torments him and refuses to listen to him.  She is that character you seriously love to hate.  This was such a fun book to get lost in!


I am not sure I know what to read next…narrowing it down to…

Have a lovely weekend…we are having Chow Mai Fun Noodles for lunch!  Yum!



18 thoughts on “Friday…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I’m commenting from my phone since my laptop is in the shop… long story. When I tap on the “like” button from the phone, nothing happens.

    Lucy is a lucky and well-loved old lady.

    Now I am eager to meet the character in The Perfect Girlfriend. I, too, have changed my name several times, and not just my surname. A long story for another time.

    The food looks yummy!

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  2. Ti says:

    The Perfect Girlfriend looks pretty perfect.

    Today’s lunch is some Indian curry thing I picked up from Tjs with some brown rice. Not exciting but good.

    Tonight, a lettuce wrapped cheeseburger.


  3. Kathryn says:

    Love hearing about Roxie and Lucy. Such important members of the family. Hmm I don’t think I’d pick any of the books you’ve got lined up but whatever you choose, hope its great weekend reading.

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  4. Mary says:

    Now I’m really interested in The Perfect Girlfriend! I’m going to the beach with my BFFs in April, that might be the perfect vacation read 🙂
    Do you think Lucy prepares for Roxie’s bodyslam? Oh my!


  5. lakesidemusing says:

    You take such wonderful care of Lucy… what a luck kitty! She deserves to be cherished and pampered in her old age. Hope you’re enjoying what’s left of the weekend. My FIL is coming over for dinner in a few hours, but I’m planning to catch up on some blogs and reading in the meantime.


  6. Stefanie says:

    I get your kitties mixed up but I’m going to assume Roxie is the grey one? Because the white and black one looks much more lively and alert. My teen’s friend took in a cat that was probably abandoned by its owners when they had moved, but it has to be an outdoor cat since they already have dogs. C’s friend thinks it may be pregnant! It’ll be interesting to see if so.


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