This Face…

Den woke up this morning with a scratch across his nose.  It seems that Roxie was on top of his pillow in the early hours of the morning and somersaulted over his face until he woke up.  This is something she does often but this is the first time she scratched him.  It’s fun for her to roll off of his head.  We usually know she does it because when Den wakes up his hair is standing up, too.  It’s really funny but this morning Den was not laughing.


However…she is being a very good kitty right now and I can tell she is really sorry.  She is just so anxious for her day with Den to begin.

Good Girl Roxie!


What I am reading now…

this book…due out in March…another one of those creepy dysfunctional main character books…this time with a totally manipulative mom name Jane.  She is narrating this story and as a reader I love the hints she gives as to why people continue to disappear…I don’t think I have ever read a book with a character like this before…she is sort of weirdly fascinating.  I can’t stop reading this book.  I fell asleep reading it and resumed it the minute I woke up.


Again…I changed my my mind about what I was going to read but I think these are up next…I love Charles Finch books.  I have it as a real book.  King Of Scars is a hardback book, too…I hope I remember how to hold them?

So…it’s a sunny bright freezing cold day today.  I am making pasta sauce for tomorrow…Den is zipping out to get baby pies for dinner.  We have this amazing place called Nomadic Pies…they make savory pies as well as sweet ones…quiches, too.  The savory pies can be a Bison Chili Pie or a Chicken Pot Pie or Shepherd’s Pie or Veggie Pies…everything in her Pies is organic, clean and local.  She uses coconut oil in her crusts so that they are actually not so bad for your body.  When I eat one of her small savory pies I can literally only eat half…they are so full of filling!


Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “This Face…

  1. Ti says:

    I really miss chicken pot pie.

    A word about Den’s scratch. PLEASE tell him to be careful. I mean, I know he can’t know when Roxie is going to launch off of his face but if she were to scratch a cornea with all that bacteria cat claw stuff, it would be deadly. Remember how I injured my cornea and how long it took to repair itself… 3 years and that did not involve little paws dipped in cat litter.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Poor Den and his scratched nose and I bet Roxie didn’t mean to hurt him. Funny I just came across King of Scars as one of the entrants in my book challenge for 2019 chose it as a possible book win, so have it open now at the Book Depository site! So Jane would be an unreliable narrator or not?


  3. Mary says:

    I liked Rouda’s previous novel and hope to get a chance with the new one. It sounds pretty good! The pies sound fabulous. You have such great food options in your area.


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