Out To Lunch And Much More!


We went out to lunch today without wearing coats!  We went to our favorite place…Hearth Kitchen.

It was fun but Den and I are both stuffed!  We started with a chunky yummy crabby dip served hot hot hot in its own little pot.  We had it with yummy house made chips…the chips were too dangerously addictive and so we ate them all up!  I barely ate the crab because I was so into these chips.


After the crab and chips we were going to split a salad but Den refuses to even eat a smidgeon of meat during Lent.  Our fave salad has a teeny tiny bit of meat in it but again…Den refused.  So next we were going to split a grilled cheese sandwich…this one was filled with grilled Kennett Square mushrooms and pesto…but Den decided he wanted his own.  So I ordered grilled eggplant with roasted tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese on flatbread.  I was full after the crab/chips so my plan was to take this puppy home.  So…the sandwiches come and mine is massive and the plate is filled with the yummiest frites ever!  Den and I just look at each other!  And we both are in denial about the frites but we start to eat them anyway!  And…we kind of ate them all up!  I think we might have been ok except for the looming  presence of the Lemon Tart.   Yep…the Lemon Tart from Hearth Kitchen is just about the best dessert ever created.

And so we oder the Tart…their Lemon Tart With Almond Graham Cracker Crust… knowing I would be happy with one bite and Den would eat the rest…and he did!


Now Den is moaning and groaning and asking me why we don’t have antacids!  But we really did have a fun lunch!


I am almost done with this and it remains delightful.  It makes me yearn for a nice long summer in Maine!


I also started this one…a delightful MG book.


I am so interested in these two new ones.  I don’t have them yet but I will keep fingers as well as toes crossed!  The covers alone make me want them.

My sweet Lucy Grace went for fluids today.  I swear Roxie waits for her and comforts her when she returns.  Lucy’s fur is unkempt and she is exhausted from her trip but Roxie watches over her.  Fluids will help but not for forever.  We try to prepare ourselves but…


I am out of here until Monday!



20 thoughts on “Out To Lunch And Much More!

  1. Mary says:

    That lemon tart has my name all over it! I used to be such a chocolate person but I’m all about lemon now. Love the look of your books. Love the kitty pic too. Have a nice weekend!


    • aubieal0878 says:

      Love 💕 to dig into that lemon tart!
      Sweet Roxie sounds like my Angel Tallulah looking out for all her older siblings. I lost my soulmate cat Boogie/Sugar/Boogalu last Saturday… I still don’t know what was wrong as all her labs kidney, thyroid a little low, heart something elevated, calcium normal- it can signal cancer if elevated. X-ray showed thickened intestinal tract which could have been lymphoma or IBD and IBD is what my vet was treating her for since Thursday. But she was so weak and couldn’t walk hardly but she ate, drank, ate treats, she would still slowly walk to bedroom at night to find me. So I still won’t ever know what killed my Tallulah or Lady Boo. They now sit in their beautiful wooden memorials, beside my recliner, waiting for the day Hula, Nico & I join them 💕💚🐾🐾🌈🐈💜♥️ Sorry to be a downer on such a beautiful day, miss their cuddles and smiles.
      Love your Lucy & Roxie every moment.♥️💕💚


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    OMG, that lemon tart is making my mouth water! So many yummy treats for you today.

    My daughter did my hair, and we went to lunch afterwards. We split a Taco Salad, which was delicious…with a margarita, of course.

    Enjoy your evening and weekend. The books look good.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Hi, Patty… Happy Saturday! Your lunch photos are making me drool and the covers of the books make me want to read them. That instagram photo of the girls & the vacuum made me laugh out loud. Are you coatless again today or did it cool down?


  4. DEZZY says:

    That lemony tart does look nom indeed!
    We have Katherine Arden comign to promote her books here next month, so I will have to be there as her official translator… hope there won’t be too much press….


  5. Ti says:

    That meal. Oh my goodness. CRAB. I am craving crab now. That lemon tart! I don’t see how you guys could leave without eating it so I completely understand the draw.

    I know I am late to replying to this but for lunch today I have gluten free pasta with turkey bolognese but it was better the first time around. I will still eat it.


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