It’s Over…Sort Of…

Catscan done…I can’t say I was brave but it really wasn’t my fault.  Normally you just go in and you don’t have to change clothes.  I had on a top with tiny little metal buttons.  I wore it purposely because I thought it would be the perfect cat scan outfit.  But because of the metal buttons I had to put on a huge navy robe…ick ick ick.  Hated the style as well as the color and it was all my fault.  Then I sat next to a sweet little lady who was waiting for her husband who was having an MRI.  We chatted.  Her story was sweetly sad.  She said that she was seriously ill a while ago and her family had to wait for her.  She survived so now she waits in waiting rooms for her family.  That was what she could do for them.  So that made me think of Den…who is always there…and my sister Paula who drives for six hours to see me…and my brother Jim…who always calls before a cat scan just to calm me down and my sisters in law Betsy and Kathy…who text and say prayers and light candles.  And Den’s sister Roseanne who sends praying hands emojis and angels.  And all of my blogger friends who send strength and virtual hugs and prayers.  It’s amazing!  And my FB friends who always pop up with encouragement and more prayers.  And all of my friends from McDonald, Ohio especially Karen and Mary Jo and Shirley…I love you all and just the idea that when I go into that scary scary catscan room…I carry you all with me.

Anyway…that sweet little lady made me cry…in the waiting room…so now she is praying for me, too.  And when the nurse came to get me I had to tell her that the sweet little lady made me cry and then we were all laughing again.

Thank God it’s done!  Of course I don’t know results and won’t know them until next Wednesday.

That could be a whole other cryfest!  Yikes!  But I promise I will not mention cat scans again!


Although I started the books I said I was going to start…I sort of wandered away from them…for a while…

I don’t even know why but I started this…it’s heavy into hurricanes and horses…and I will never run up to a horse again.  I will let him come to me.  Thank you, Mary Alice!


I also have been getting quite a few real books in the mail.  I keep putting these aside for ebooks…

But I started these and they are both so good!  I had to tear myself away from Girls With Sharp Sticks…it reminded me of The Stepford Wives!  But I also love Charles Lenox mysteries.  So…that’s my bookish dilemma!


I am not cooking this week end…we are foraging in the freezer!  And Den is going to zip to the Amish Market tomorrow for their chicken for Sunday dinner.  Yum!  I don’t even care that it is fried or broasted…it’s just so good and a tad bit spicy!


Have a great weekend…I will see you on Monday!  



28 thoughts on “It’s Over…Sort Of…

  1. Jina Bazzar says:

    sometimes we think we’re alone, and then we take a look around and realize there’s this whole bunch of people who’ve been there for us but we just couldn’t see them. Wishing the best for your results.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Sending positive thoughts! Thanks for the “waiting room stories.”

    I love the look of your dinner. Seeing that chicken reminds me of my mother’s Sunday dinners. Enjoy!

    I love the look of your books, too. Have a great weekend.


  3. Dezzy says:

    You have such lovely family!

    Just wanted to tell you that Google + is going away on April 2nd and your blogger avatar links through it, so you might wanna change that before it is too late 🙂 Switch it to your Blogger profile with the link to this site.


      • DEZZY says:

        Yes, you did it but you did not ad a link to this site at your profile there. Go to your Blogger dashboard and among the settings find the place where you can ad links (it is among SETTINGS, BASIC and then you will see BLOG ADDRESS, put the link to this place there and hit save). The link that you have at your blog at Blogger (within your last post there) does not lead to this place because you did not embed it within the post as a link. It is not clickable.


      • Patty Magyar says:

        Dezzy…thank you again…I have done everything you said but it won’t allow me to change my blog address. It continues to say invalid. When I put in my new address it says invalid.


      • DEZZY says:

        You know what you might do? Don’t go to your Blogger dashboard but go to your blog there, click on your profile and click edit. There is an option SELECT BLOGS TO DISPLAY maybe you could put a link to this website there and thus your Blogger profile will show both a link to your blog and to this website. Or you could try it under HOME PAGE URL there.


  4. Kathryn says:

    What a lovely woman to meet while waiting even if she brought tears. Darn those metal buttons. So happy to hear you have some a wonderful supportive team. All those books look great. No doubt I’ll meet the Mary Alice Monroe book sometime in my book reading travels. A big hug.


  5. Shirley McCollough Cantriel says:

    You did it Patty. I pray your results will be good ones. If you feel well they probably are. Shirley McCollough Cantriel


  6. Barbara from Goodreads says:

    I sure am praying you get good results next Wednesday, you have been through enough!!. I am getting caught up on books you have already read: Late In The Day and House on Fire. Enjoy your weekend!!!


  7. aubieal0878 says:

    I need to read Chien & Perkins books, they look like ones I’ve read by the authors and like.
    That chicken plate yummmmmm! Dessert?? Lemon meringue pie, banana pudding, peach cobbler???

    Waaaarrr Eagle!!!


  8. Mary says:

    What an angel the lady from the waiting room was. Family is everything and you’re so fortunate to have a wonderful one. Enjoy your weekend and that yummy chicken!


  9. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    Glad the catscan is over and that tomorrow you will have a tasty, well deserved meal. Sending all kinds of healthy and good wishes your way. I think it is wonderful that you have so many people who love and care about you. The lady you met sounds very sweet. I would have been crying too.

    Hope you can get outside to enjoy the nice weather this weekend (if it is nice there, like it is here).


  10. Ti says:

    I read your posts out of order so now I see the CAT scan is already done! I know you get so worried. I would get worried too. I mean, i worry about the stupidest stuff as it is. I would probably be a big muscle spasm myself.

    That chicken. Looks. So. Good.


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