It’s A Beautiful Day…

I think today might be a day for a walk outside.  The sun is shining and the only appointment we have is a quick trip to the vet for fluids for Lucy.  Then we are free.  I bought fresh pizza dough at Wegman’s so I think we are going to make homemade pizza for dinner.  I want to make a big sheetpan pizza or I might try a cast iron skillet pizza.  We will decide later.

I sort of fell into this book this weekend and it’s lovely.  Annika…rhymes with Monika…is a quirky serious character…probably on the autistic spectrum.  The book is about her relationship with Jonathan in college…their separation…and then accidentally meeting again 10 years later.  I love Annika…I love the situations…I love the writing…it’s all just coming together with happiness as well as sadness.  It’s a beautiful book.


New books from NetGalley…


Have a lovely Monday!


17 thoughts on “It’s A Beautiful Day…

  1. Barbara from Goodreads says:

    I am going to read The Girl He Used to Know, it sounds good. I think the Cast Iron Pizza will have a crispier crust..


  2. BermudaOnion says:

    It’s been overcast and rainy here today. I got caught in a downpour coming out of the grocery store this afternoon. I’m thankful it’s warm! The Girl He Used to Know sounds really good.


  3. Ti says:

    We don’t have anything close to Wegman’s by me. Our town is becoming market-less. No one seems to be eating at home these days or they are by subscribing to meal boxes. If we want food these days, good stuff, we have to order it.

    Today it is windy as heck. My hair looks like a bird’s nest just from getting gas this morning.


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