Pizza And Books!

The Little Taco Truck is a sweet and charming children’s book from Random House Children’s Books.  It has beautiful illustrations…sweet and colorful.  But the best thing about it is the underlying message.  Share and be kind to people and there will be a place for everyone.  Sometimes I really miss reading children’s books but when one comes my way…I grab it.  The characters in this book were very engaging.


My books!

I am all over the place with books!  I have started and stopped and put aside way too many and that was just yesterday.  I have finally settled on these two…hopefully!


The pizza dough that I bought at Wegman’s was amazing.  It literally grew to an enormous size in the refrigerator.  It made the best pizza ever.  I think I overdid the cheese…

There is a ton of pounding going on here today…all of our cedar dormers are being replaced.  The kitties are very disturbed by it as you can see.

Leftover pizza for lunch…Den has a way to get the crust crispy again!



13 thoughts on “Pizza And Books!

  1. Ti says:

    The taco truck book is too cute and well, tacos!

    The pizza looks perfect. You can make pizza for me anytime. I always add extra cheese.
    I make the crust crispy again by heating it up in a skillet.


  2. Kathryn says:

    I love picture books but don’t read them often. One of my grand nieces turned 6 on Tuesday, I had a ball choosing some books for her from the bookshop. I get carried away!!


  3. Greg says:

    I love that message from Little taco Truck! How sweet. And I don’t mind telling ya- a taco truck sounds pretty good to me right about now lol!

    And mmm wonderful looking pizza!!!


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