I Have Been Invaded!

So…after completing 6 months of chemo and getting a good cat scan…I started the next phase of my treatment…I guess it’s a form of immunotherapy.  I have to take two pills in the morning at 8 o’clock and two more in the evening at 8 o’clock.  These pills are called PARP INHIBITORS.  Yikes!  I have been calling them PERP INHIBITORS.  The pills actually change the DNA in bad cells to make them good cells.  It’s another line of defense against this sort of chronic cancer that I have not been blessed with.  So…these pills don’t come from a regular pharmacy and they come with a list of side effects.  I am sitting still right now after taking them praying that I don’t get dizzy, nauseous, fatigued, not hungry or any of the other nightmarish things that can happen when taking them.  My incredibly wonderful oncologist has had great success with these.  I want to be one of his successes.  Oh…and of course I am craving grapefruit juice and Seville oranges…which you can’t have.  I don’t even know what a Seville orange is.  Den refused to play golf today so that he can stay at home and watch me.  Sigh!  So far I feel fine but I am kind of afraid to move!


I can’t put this book down…every chapter is quite a surprise.  An overbearing mother insists her daughter is ill even though no doctor or test says that she is.  It’s getting a touch bizarre now but still good.  I am kind of racing to the end of it.


 Next up…this…which I have already started and love…


So…we are laying low this weekend…it’s been a busy week!  We have four dormers in our house which are being redone…they are at the dormer over our bedroom today…the girls favorite room…Lucy sleeps through everything…Roxie is on the alert.  The noise is amazing…it sounds as though our house is being torn apart…and it kind of is!  My reading chair and their fave sleeping nest is right under the dormer!  Roxie  is afraid of loud noises.



Not sure what we will be eating this weekend…perhaps these? White Beans On Toast is from Smitten Kitchen,  Chicken and salad is from Barefoot Contessa.  Carrot cupcakes and Sheetpan chicken are from The Kitchn.  Turkey meatloaf is from  skinnytaste and the Veggie Sandwich is from Cup Of Jo.

Happy Weekend!  I will be back on Monday!


16 thoughts on “I Have Been Invaded!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, your “perp” inhibitors sound kind of scary, but let’s hope they do a good job.

    I love the look of your food, as always…but I’m not sure about Saving Meghan. Is it a case of Munchausen by Proxy? I’m watching The Act, on Hulu, and the mother in that story is especially overbearing and scary. I think I’ll skip this book.

    I’ve read one book from Elly Griffiths, and loved it.


  2. BermudaOnion says:

    Grapefruit juice is my favorite but i had to give it up because of my blood pressure medicine so I feel your pain. I’m praying these pills do their job.

    Saving Meghan sounds like it would be hard to put down.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Hmm… I’m sitting here trying to make a list for the grocery story and can’t figure out what to cook this weekend. You’ve got some tempting suggestions there. Also, I think PERP inhibitors is a MUCH better name than PARP inhibitors. The cancer cells are the perps, right? And parp reminds me of that elementary school reading program – Parents as Reading Partners. 😉 Hope you and Den have a great weekend!


  4. Ti says:

    I think my uncle is on something similar for his leukemia which is now non existent, BTW,
    think it’s good that Den is on watch duty. At least until you know how they work.

    Today is not a good lunch day for me. I brought the most boring lunch, lentils. Not very exciting so will pick up a salad or s chicken bowl instead. I am just not feeling food lately.

    Tonight I am going out to see the movie Us and then tomorrow a play. Tomorrow is prom for my daughter so while she is at prom we will be at a play. See how we work?


  5. Stefanie says:

    I have fingers crossed for you to be another success. Pls be careful going down your stairs of your lovely home. I had to Google dormers as I had no clue of what they were.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Dormers are lovely but horrible to maintain. Den had to get up into the attic to take the screens out of the dormers up there. I was freaking out! We try to be very careful but thank you…it’s the workers walking on the roof that is scary!


  6. DEZZY says:

    I think one of our cancer stricken celebrities here used those pills before getting cured! I think she also had some injections that totally change your blood or something. They usually go to Germany or to Turkey for injections if I recall.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Wow! That’s interesting. So far I have not had any weird side effects other than being fatigued. I actually feel good…the pills are relatively new here…just got FDA approval…I like to think of taking them like A Game Of Thrones battle in my body.


  7. June says:

    Yes. Praying you will be one of the successes. Make the bible one of the many books you read. It gives you strength. God bless…❤


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