Goals…Met And Not Met…

I set some goals for myself this week that I haven’t reached.  I thought I would be done with this yesterday.  I am not done.


I wanted to walk in the park but the weather is too dreary.

I wanted to make hard boiled eggs yesterday but I forgot.

I wanted to make a vanilla cake to have with the amazing South Carolina strawberries we have been getting but it was too daunting of a task.

I wanted to make a Frittata filled with greens, tomatoes and goat cheese so we could have it for breakfast the next day but I watched another Lynley Havers Mystery on Britbox instead.

I have too many excuses!

Oh well…

So…what did I actually do so far this week?  Hmmm…I took my “PERP PILLS” and rested.  I reordered “PERP PILLS”…it’s been a month already!

I set more goals.

I bought some dresses.  I fell in love with these dresses.  These are the kinds of summer dresses that I can wear over and over again all summer…from Free People…they come in black, white, a soft gray and this reddish one.  I love to dress without stress.  I have a rack in one of the back bedrooms with toss on clothes…I am always dressed before Den…and ready to go!  Plus I love dresses!  

So…that’s my week so far…Sigh.  I have to start pushing myself more to do more!

Have a great Wednesday!


11 thoughts on “Goals…Met And Not Met…

  1. lakesidemusing says:

    Like Mary said, I think we all have weeks like that… better to just go with the flow than stress over it. You still have several more days before the next one starts in case you start to feel ambitious. 😉


  2. Kathryn says:

    Ah well making the goals is part of the fun even if they don’t get accomplished. Love the dresses (which I rarely wear) and I see you got the red and black one, very pretty and practical and cool. I have been wondering about that book, think I will need to read it!!


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