I Saw The Sun!

Really truly I did see the sun for about two minutes today and now it’s gone…I think for good.  Sigh!  We didn’t get flowers this week…the weather for most of the week was intermittently rainy, cloudy and gloomy.  Totally not my idea of flower gathering or planting weather.  We even had the heater running for a few days this week.

I finished my book…it was just simply fun…lots of book references, angst and even some sweet juicy bits!


Now I am contemplating one of these…for the weekend!

This slideshow is for Stephanie…she is cross stitching and I wanted to show her a few of mine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would cross stitch on planes and trains and cars…in this country as well as other countries.  I was always in a cross stitching frenzy!  Buying, stitching, framing and hanging!  Ones with kitties were very appealing to me!  And anything with lots of red!  And houses!  I loved cross stitching houses.

Den has put himself in a cleaning frenzy.  We still have winter paintings, throws and pillows in the family room and we need to change them out to sunflowers, Maine coastal paintings and flowery pillows and quilted throws.  Den sort of cleans as though he is under heavy attack.  Roxie, Lucy and I steer clear!  Roxie thinks she is hiding from the vacuum cleaner.


So…what next?  Hmmm…I think this will be a stay in weekend.  Our town hums when it’s any kind of holiday…and Mother’s Day is a big one!  Every spot near and far will be busy!

I still want to make a vanilla cake or an Angel Food Cake…and load it with strawberries!  Den made fresh whipped cream the other day and it was crazy good!  What do you do with 12 egg yolks when you make an Angel Food Cake?  I use my Aunt Annie’s Angel Food Cake Pan although I don’t remember anyone in my family making Angel Food Cake!  I like to make it because it’s Den’s Favorite Cake ever!  And I love using the pan and tipping it upside down!   Seriously?  I almost lost it just now because I went to where I keep this precious to me pan and it wasn’t there!  Mr. Clean put it in a different spot and then forgot where he put it!   After 30 minutes of frantic searching he found it!  Whew!  I was already starting my inconsolable tears!  But he saved my day!  And he saved his day, too!  I am going to use the cake recipe that was on The Kitchn this week.

I don’t really have a cooking plan for this week end but I am kind of hungry for pasta and meatballs!  Or these which are mostly from The Kitchn…

And last of all but best of all…our fave pix with our moms!  My mom is on the left…the other lady is my Aunt Jennie!


Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday!


28 thoughts on “I Saw The Sun!

  1. Mary says:

    I love the slide show of your beautiful cross stitch projects. Once upon a time I did counted cross stitch but my eyes said enough is enough. Now it’s just knitting – which I love. I’m glad you enjoyed the Kelly Harms book. I’ll be reading it soon. Hope you find a good one for the weekend. Thanks for sharing the sweet photos at the end. So lovely.


  2. Ti says:

    You know the O’Nan book I reviewed awhile back… Henry, Himself? That entire collection, Emily, Alone and Wish You Were Here is all about the stuff you seem to do on a regular basis. All the switching out of season stuff. I find it so comforting. The routine of it. In the summer we do this… In the fall, this. I am a weirdo.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stefanie says:

    LOVE your ohana photos. Thank you for showing me your cross stitch; my favorite is the Father Christmas one. May is known as Stitch Mania where hardcore cross stitchers start a new pattern every day! I’m only going to work on this teacher gift.


  4. BermudaOnion says:

    We saw the sun for a few minutes today too. It’s gloomy but still air conditioning weather. Your cross stitch slideshow reminded me that I did one for Carl’s mother that I’d like to have. 😦 I head to the beach tomorrow to meet my mom and sister.


  5. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Lovely post! I have been offline, except occasional “likes” with my iPhone on FB.

    I just got home from the hospital on Thursday, and gathered up a few things from my condo, including my laptop. My daughter’s house is not ideal for a semi-ambulatory person, but she’s a great cook and has organized my meds, etc, on my phone.

    We have lots of appointments ahead…and some of them include a new place for me to live. I cannot go back to the place of “the big awful.” LOL Gall bladder surgery is happening within a couple of months, once the infection is under control.

    I love your delicious cake plans…and I also adore those photos of your mothers. I had to laugh at Den’s frantic cleaning.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Kathryn says:

    Yeah been grey skies and rain here too. But not too cold, I think that’s coming. Love the cross stitch, I never really got into it, but one of my sisters did. I have been doing Autumn cleaning – like windows at the moment, then I can get them to come and measure up for new curtains. I have been in this house almost 18 years and from day one I’ve said I am changing those curtains.


  7. lakesidemusing says:

    Love all your cross stitch! I did the same “Where There is Love in the Home, There is Joy in the Heart” sampler for my mother. Framed it with a pale rose-colored mat and it’s still hanging in her kitchen near the table. Hope you’re seeing a little bit more sunshine this weekend.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      That is so sweet that we did the same cross stitch. I can’t see doing it any more…I don’t know why except it takes away reading time. No sun at all but lots of rain!


  8. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    Love the pictures of your mom. 🙂 Beautiful and fun!

    My mom used to cross stitch all the time when I was little, but she stopped at some point when life got busier I guess. I used to do it too sitting next to her. I always enjoyed it. You made some beautiful pieces.

    Hope you enjoyed the bit of sunshine- it was gorgeous here yesterday- but will rain all week.

    I have the book you just finished to read. Sounds fun!


  9. Greg says:

    Ooh send some of that sun this way! We’ve had the same- almost no sun, cool weather, rainy or just gloomy. I’m ready for some sun!

    Hope you have a great weekend. I love those pics from the Kitchn!

    And your family pics as well. 🙂


  10. DEZZY says:

    OMG you change paintings seasonally? How wonderfully OCD! You’re my people, methinks 🙂
    We are having a rainy week, but it is still quite warm, no heating needed.
    I saw new tiramisu filled cookies in the shop today and thought of you LOL and our Oreo talk.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I hate Oreos but did you see that there is a GOT limited version! I am very OCD…not all paintings…just enough to sing the season in…and I change a few accessories…shells in jars, buoys by the fireplace…sailboats on coffee tables! I am so OCD I probably can beat you at it. I am more OCD than sweet Dezzy!


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