I didn’t have anything exciting or even remotely interesting to write about yesterday. My “perp” inhibitor pills sometimes make me feel not so hot. Yesterday I was nauseous and miserable. I am less and less hungry on these pills all of the time but Den thinks that food cures everything. I told him I was not hungry and could not think about food so in the next minute he goes through a list of foods that he could make for me. Each food he mentioned just made me feel more and more nauseous! I finally managed toast at about 11 ish. That made Den a very happy boy. I have great pills to take for nausea but I usually wait until I feel icky to take them. There is sort of a secret club of people who take these perp pills and everyone has a different bit of advice. Now I am taking a nausea pill when I take the other pills. The pills seem to bother me more in the morning than at night but that might be because I am sleeping at night…sigh! Everyone in our house was happy when I ate toast! You can almost hear the cheering!

Once the nausea went away and I started to feel decent…we still needed flowers. So we got some from a great Amish Farm not too far away. Den will plant them today…it’s still phase one so we have more to get!

This is the fern we bought at Costco last year. We kept it inside and it has exploded in volume!

I finished this book yesterday which I loved and didn’t love but it was so good. It’s all about misunderstandings and preconceived thoughts that can literally tear your life apart!

Now I am reading this. And it is really good. It’s another book about how lies are just so damaging. It is unputdownable!

Onward with the week end! I feel amazing today!

See you on Monday!


12 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. Stefanie says:

    I’m sorry you had bouts of nausea. I feel with meds to take them when you’re supposed to instead of waiting for the pain or whatever to come on. I learned that the hard way when I had C-sections and oral surgery.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Ah nausea is so debilitating. I hope the anti nausea pills are helping. The books sound good, lies are always very tricky. Flowers and fern looking gorgeous.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Sorry the pills are making you nauseous… that’s such a horrible feeling. Can’t believe how huge your fern has gotten! Love the way you arrange the flowers/plants on your front porch. A Nearly Normal Family sounds good, too. We made it back to NY… it’s chilly, dark, and rainy today.


  4. Ti says:

    Feeling sick to your stomach is the worst. How can Den keep talking about food when you are so green in the gills? Men! LOL. I know he means well and I know he worries and to be honest, pills on an empty stomach don’t usually work for me even when they instruct me to take them that way.

    Just now, i traipsed across campus to the salad bar and made myself a nice salad. No meat but beans and hard boiled eggs and BEETS, my fave thing.


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