New Books And Flowers…Phase Two…

We took a beautiful country drive to an Amish Flower Farm this morning. I saw Pygmy Goats, a turkey and some baby turkeys or chickens…I am not sure which they were. Beautiful barefooted Amish girls walked among all of these flowers. We filled the back of our SUV for $95.00…we bought big potted purple plants speckled with yellow flowers…we bought verbenas and big pink geraniums and lobelias and more petunias. I bought an assortment of herbs to fill one huge pot on the sunny side of the deck. And we are still not done! We may drive back tomorrow…it’s literally about 20 minutes away and we never even knew about it!

Books…just finished this…it was incredibly good.

The daughter of a pastor and an attorney is accused of murdering her much older BF…but did she?

New books from NetGalley…

New books from Edelweiss…

I am off to watch Den dig in our dirt!


12 thoughts on “New Books And Flowers…Phase Two…

  1. Kathryn says:

    I like the watching bit. I love the new plants ideas and purple and yellow are my favourites. Hmm lots of new books, I am not even picking up any review books at present – I want to clear what I have first!


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