Middle Of The Week Slump…

Lucy The Kitty had a pedicure, laser therapy and fluids today…she is not too happy right now. Patty The Person has a visit with Dr. Costello today…just a check in and more blood tests…I am not happy because it reminds me that I don’t have a totally free and normal life. Sigh!

I have the kind of personality that dictates that all I can do today is wait for my appointment. I can read and worry but that’s it. Sigh!


I finished this…a murder mystery told by three members of the same family. The daughter is the one accused of the murder. The ending is sort of what I thought it might be…interesting.

I just started this one. It takes place in the 30’s at a time when husbands stayed in the city to work and only saw their wives on the week ends. Right now there is a lot of glamour and champagne and dressing up. It’s been an interesting book…so far!

I think I am going to read this one at the same time that I am reading Montauk. The main character in this book actually chops off parts of her foot to fit into the glass slipper! Oh my!

I am starting to get a little nervous about the doctor appointment…but that’s typically me!


12 thoughts on “Middle Of The Week Slump…

  1. Ti says:

    Are you back from the doc yet? How did it go?
    That one book where she cuts off part of her foot??? No, thank you!

    Since you always like to know what I am having for lunch, I will not disappoint you. I made lentil pasta with marinara, sweet bell peppers and ground turkey. This is the pasta that smells like weed but it tastes so good and is gluten free and holds up so well. So, the lunch room smells like weed. So what.


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