I actually forgot to blog on Friday. I hate when I do that because then…for me…the weekend feels off. I do love things in order.

I am reading The Islanders now and it’s very good. It takes place on an island called Block Island when most other summer books take place on Nantucket. The area where I live was practically built by the du Pont family. Longwood Gardens was one of their summer estates as was Winterthur. Winterthur houses one of the biggest collections of Americana in the country and belonged to Henry Francis du Pont. But tucked all around our area are little du Pont estates. Anyway…the reason I mention this is because when I was teaching I taught a little girl whose last name was du Pont. She used to tell me stories about Block Island because apparently the du Pont’s had property there, too. She did not like going to Block Island with her grandmother…too funny. So I can’t help reading about Block Island and not thinking of my sweet student.

I love when my girls get along…this was taken right after Roxie somersaulted onto Lucy.

Off to read!


14 thoughts on “So…

  1. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    When I was young we spent summers on Rottnest Island, which is off the coast of Western Australia. I always loved it there, but as a former penal colony, and interment camp, it literally was a prison.

    Have a great reading week Patty, I hope you feel better.


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