Finishing My Trip To Block Island…

Almost done with this book and I really did love it. On Monday Den played in a golf tournament on yet another du Pont property…a golf course built by Henry du Pont who was tired of waiting to play golf on other courses. So he built is own…in the 1920’s. The du Pont properties around us have the most interesting stories. Den told me yesterday that you don’t even need tee times on this course…you kind of just walk up to play because there are so few members in this club.

So…my reading history this week…absolutely can’t get into this book at all. It’s meant to be historical fiction but I miss her fun beachy books. So this is a DNF for this reader.

I just got this one yesterday and I am itchin’ to jump into it even though it’s pub date isn’t until October. What will I do?

It is so hot here and my mornings are so wracked by nausea and about a million other side effects that go along in with my “perp” pills. Stomach pains, heartburn, loss of appetite, fatigue…I am slain! Well not really but it’s a lot…don’t you think? The past few days I was getting nauseated just looking at food but I have a new pill that helped me get over that a little. It’s kind of a psychological reaction to food…weirdly! I ate a meatball last night! Yeah Den and Country Butcher!

Have a good one!


14 thoughts on “Finishing My Trip To Block Island…

  1. Mary says:

    So glad to see you liked The Islanders! For some reason I held back on requesting the Hilderbrand book – it just didn’t draw me in. I’ll wait for her next one in the Paradise series. I really liked the first one. Sorry to hear about your nausea. But glad the meatball was good. Yay Den!


  2. Kathryn says:

    Oh my I just don’t know how you cope with all that, I am in awe that you do all that you do and cope with all that. I will totally leave the Hilderbrand book off my TBR! Who cares the new Lisa Jewell book is so far away, if you want just read it.


  3. DEZZY says:

    Hope the bad side effects pill at least helps! Pickle juice is good for heartburn! But that probably makes you puke right now too 🙂


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