Paper Pictures…I Love Them!!!

I found these on Etsy!!!  They are made by an artist name Matthew.  He has an Etsy shop called PaperMatthew.
His work is so beautiful.  This cat looks exactly like Lucy Grace, doesn’t it?
He has other designs that are not cats. 
I find it fascinating that he can build these out of paper,  don’t you?

8 thoughts on “Paper Pictures…I Love Them!!!

  1. Ti says:

    Those folks on Etsy are so talented. Love the expression on the kitty's face. When I clicked over to his shop, I was taken with the black and white kitty with the flowers. So cute.


  2. Elisabeth says:

    Patty-Love this work of art. Such talented artists…they capture the kitty's expression, just like in a photograph.

    BTW-Thanks for your kind comment on my blog about my Prince, he is much better now. He is eating well, and has gained back a couple pounds…he can't afford to lose any more weight, that's why I worried so much.
    Thank you for your sweet concern. Hugs, and kisses to your precious Lucy!


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