Long…Long…Really Long…Week!


It’s not that I can’t be by myself but it’s just the amount of energy it takes to maintain this house and its kitty inhabitants when one of us is away. Den was in Chicago all week…he just walked in the door right now. He brought cans of wild caught salmon for the girls…two beautiful bunches of tulips for me plus Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups and Trader Joe’s Almost Figgy Newtons!

I was up this morning at three because Lucy and Roxie were up this morning at three! What did they want? They just wanted to look at me and then have a kitty wrestling match on my head!

Why? It’s what these two do…when they are bored at three in the morning!

This one is soooo loud!


I think I am reading this…actually I know I am reading this…I really am reading this.

“Debut novelist Shipman…chosen by memoirist Wade Rouse in homage to his grandmother–pulls out all the emotional bells and whistles here; his book reads like a fictionalized guide to living the good life (“Live! Love! Laugh!”) and checks all the boxes–family, friends, God, love, and simply living–designed to warm the heart and fill the tear ducts…smooth writing…unabashed sentimentality…Kirkus Reviews”

And this one, too…


“Gripping…Shelter keeps excess at bay. Yun shows how, although shelter doesn’t guarantee safety and blood doesn’t guarantee love, there’s something inextricable about the relationship between a child and a parent…Shelter is captivating.”―The New York Times Book Review”


I really want to make this…from Bon Appetit…ricotta cheese, fontina cheese, arugula, crispy bits!

Have a wondrous week end! We are supposed to have a snowstorm on Sunday!



This was my Friday post which I thought I posted but apparently I didn’t!



15 thoughts on “Long…Long…Really Long…Week!

  1. Rita @ View From My Home says:

    That pasta dish looks scrumptious! Hope you do get to make it and that you also don't get that pesky Spring snowstorm. Fingers crossed… and your book selections look like nice comfort reads for if you do get snowed in 🙂 Enjoy them.


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    Stephanie Faris has left a new comment on your post “Long…Long…Really Long…Week!”:

    Earlier this week, it thundered a couple of times around 2 a.m. and my dog woke me up, terrified. So I was up… I took a short nap later in the day but it still was only a few hours of sleep total. I know what you mean about having to take care of everything when you have the house to yourself. My husband goes on business trips about once a month and that part of it sucks. I DO love not having to cook, though!

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    Posted by Stephanie Faris to Books, Thoughts And A Few Adventures… at March 19, 2016 at 12:50 PM


  3. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    I went to Chicago (90 minutes away from my home) yesterday – to IKEA (not a great place for me on a Saturday). I bought a cheese grater and a few other things I couldn't live without, haha. I love your cat stories 😀


  4. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    I know how difficult it is to be alone. Bill was gone for 4-6 weeks at a time, for the past five years. It was so very hard to try to do everything by myself. I am so glad that Bill's new job will allow him more home time, including weekends. We are still adjusting to it and trying to get into a routine. We will. Books: I really want to read Shelter!


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