It’s All About Distractions…Today!

Today was our 61 minute drive to Skippack ( and then back ) where Lauren T. does her magic on my hair…and Den’s.  I just needed a tiny little trim.  My hair looks shorter but…as Lauren T. said to me…we are setting the stage for the hair I want…this one!  And then in a few more months…the really messy one.  Lauren T. Says I am on the threshold…of the first one.  You have to cut low and let the top pieces grow out long…all of the weird baby hair is gone and sadly the curls are slowly going, too.  I may be back to my former straight hair self!  Sigh!  Who knew?  I feel as though every 6 week I give you a hair update…I just get so excited…sorry!

Our timing was really good today because we were finished by lunch time so we stopped at Basta Pasta in Skippack for…guess what?  Pasta!  I had Gnocchi Pomodoro and Den had Penne Bolognese …we split meatballs because their meatballs are incredible.  I know I have said this before but Skippack is a really great cute little town.  Lots and lots of shops to explore…lots and lots of eateries!  I like that word…eateries!  And really good meatballs!  Half of my lunch plus two giant meatballs are comfortably resting in the refrigerator.  They make these yummy garlic knots that you dip into spicy olive oil…OMG!  So good!

Almost finished with this…it’s really good…Mary Russell, Sherlock Holmes and Cole Porter…oh…Mussolini, too!  All in Venice while looking for a missing person.  I still have that giveaway!


Working on these…my goal is to be done by Saturday at NOON…unless I get even more distracted than I am!

Now we come to DISTRACTIONS…

Den and I do watch a ton of odd shows…this week we binged watched Alone…one of the scariest shows out there.  Season 4 had couples dropped off on Vancouver Island.  But before they got together they were dropped off in separate places and one person had to find the other person!  These people have no food no shelter and only 10 items between them.  We just started the present season and it’s not couples but people who are on their own…living in Mongolia for as long as it takes to be the last person standing!  Mongolia has vipers!  And the nearest venom is 20 hours away in Beijing!  One person only lasted for 4 days because she got a hook stuck deep in her hand!  She was so excited by catching fish she hooked herself!  I can’t watch any zombie anything but I love this show.  It’s even on the history channel!  It’s what distracted me from my Sherlock Holmes Mary Russell book!  Sigh!


Off to decide if I can even remotely eat any dinner!


17 thoughts on “It’s All About Distractions…Today!

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    I love the messy hair too but it would never work for me because I’m not good at styling hair. I have a friend who is and I’m always jealous of her hair.

    I want to live in a cute little town or village.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I do, too…Skippack has great walking spots, too…there are new condos going up there…we drove up a street to see them…they looked awesome…and only two together so you aren’t closed in…


  2. Ti says:

    The pasta. I die.

    Alone sounds interesting but we don’t get the History channel anymore when they switched the channel line up.

    I am about to have a BLT but on a GF English muffin which is not bad. Especially if I add lots of mayo which I do.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Just love both of the hair pictures! My hair is a bit too curly for those looks, but maybe after some keratin… The pasta looks so good, too. Did you have any room for dinner last night? 😉


  4. Mary says:

    Love the “do’s” – will look great on you! And be still my heart – Basta Pasta?! Probably a good thing I live this far away from there!
    I’m too much of a wimp to watch Alone.


  5. Stefanie says:

    It’s all about the green. What brave ppl to go on such a show. Mmm…meatballs sound yummy. We’re having TJ frozen, mini turkey ones with pasta tonight. Yesterday I went there and forgot I had to get dinner; it’s the cold’s fault. So I had to go back today. I love how you go every six weeks. I get anxious about my hair around that time and start counting down the days after four weeks. I went today and got my tail chopped off. So I have a layered bob and need to grow out them layers.


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