I Just Didn’t Realize…

It’s already Friday?  I don’t know where the week really went.  Well…I sort of do but I didn’t want to bore you with my mundane details.  I finished two books and started this one…which isn’t at all what I thought it would be.  In fact lately no matter what book I pick up…it seems to be about a damaged teenager with an even more damaged family surrounding him or her.  This one?  I wasn’t sure about at all but now I can’t put it down.  Which is so good for me right now.  I want to read and walk my way through chemo.


I was forced to do just a bit of shopping.  I use my iPad Air 2 for everything…as does Den…and although our girls don’t really do any major damage…Roxie has somehow chewed the corners off of my pink one so much that it shreds everywhere.  When she sees me take it out she comes running as if it’s her toy.  She was trying to do the same thing to my Kindle Oasis cover so that got replaced too…to black…I seriously think it’s the color.  I bought Den a new one, too.  I wanted to surprise him but I think he will know which one is his and he will love it.

It’s also past season for my beloved chambray bedspreads so I hit Garnet Hill for a new transition one that meets Den’s standards.  We both fell in love with this one…it’s a modern log cabin and the reverse side is the perfect color for us.  We have to have a big king so thankfully it was on sale…$100.00 off plus free shipping but they charged us shipping.  They have no idea how that happened but they fixed it.  I will call again later today to make sure they fixed it. I hate shipping charges!

Hmmm…some more purchases…I bought this fun red dress, booties and purse to make Den happy!  Heeheehee…he will be so happy!

I bought the black dress because it was lonely without the red one. They are my style…toss on and go ones…I don’t have to think about them…I can wear them anywhere.

So…where did my last ten days go?  My trauma all started when I had to have the PET scan…then see the oncologist…then see the gynocological oncologist…then see the surgeon…schedule a port placement…schedule a port removal…all out patient…go back the next day for a MuggaScan to make sure my heart was perfect…then a few days to heal and back to Dr.Costello….my much loved Oncologist…much loved…so this Wednesday we started chemo…a new one that I will only have once a month.  It was sad going back to the small but caring Abramson Cancer Center that is 10 minutes from my house.  Such caring nurses who are happy yet sad to see me.  The treatment is shorter but I think I am feeling different effects from it…I feel ok but not ok…tired…not hungry at all.  Maybe a little tummy ache but I have pills for that.

Oh…and right after chemo we had to race back to the hospital because…and this will sound disgusting…my tummy was so bloated I had to have paracentesis done.  It didn’t hurt…again kind and caring doctors from Penn.  Fluid is removed by liters but the nurse said I lost ten pounds.   This bloating just happens and may happen again.

So that’s my story…except for the best part.  When I had my ports done usually you get that yummy twilight sleep but I move around too much so I had full anesthesia but here is the best part…when I woke up the room was filled with bright light…the brightest and most beautiful light I have ever seen.  And my mom was there…gently waking me up and sort of pulling me out of a soft tube…I looked at my nurse and just said it’s so beautiful here…do you see my mom up there?  She laughed gently…and then my mom was gone…back to heaven?


Thank you for reading my story…



22 thoughts on “I Just Didn’t Realize…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Great photo of you and your mom! And I love your bedspreads, the dresses, and that purse! Slouchy…the kind I enjoy, but seldom buy anymore. I haven’t found the perfect one.

    Now I also remember that I need new boots…the short kind, like those.

    My week seems mild in comparison: continued frozen shoulder issues…and oral surgery. So I’ll pull up my big girl pants and move on.

    I’m enjoying the Oasis…except for how touchy it is. The cover isn’t big enough for my hands, so I’m always accidentally touching the screen…and the page number disappears and the pages leap ahead crazily. Sigh. I tried finding a bigger cover…and it still doesn’t encase the Kindle enough to prevent those issues.

    Maybe I will figure it out and settle into it. Enjoy your cozy apartment, your clothes, your books, and your purse!


  2. E. Michael Helms, writer says:

    Patty, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you go through chemo a fight the cancer. My younger daughter is fighting breast cancer (agressive), and the past year or so have been a real struggle. She has finished chemo and now faces yet another reconstructive surgery in a couple of months. It has been a very trying time for us all. I am pully for you and your family. My very best wishes to you and your family. 🙂


  3. Mary says:

    Oh I love that you shared your mom story. That is just beautiful and must make you feel so good to know she’s with you on this journey.
    And those dresses are fabulous. Have a good weekend.


  4. Kathryn says:

    I love the bedspread, in fact I took a copy of the image because it is very tempting to turn it into a quilt I can make with lots of scraps – so thank you! Love that you have a book you are really liking. That tummy bloating thing is not pleasant, you sure warranted a little visit from your Mom from heaven.


  5. Jina Bazzar says:

    Hey, sorry to read about the chemo. I’m glad though it’s only once a month. And i believe you did see your mom, that was a happy part. Hang in there my friend. Soon this will all be behind you. My prayers are with you.


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