A Big Fat Cat?

I am reading a book about a big fat kitty cat…here is the cover…actually it’s about a cat who is owned by Charlie…a library volunteer.  Diesel…the kitty…comes to the library whenever Charlie goes to the library.  I actually strongly dislike the cover…it’s kind of too cozy mystery for me but I love this series.  It’s Southern…so someone is always sipping sweet tea and munching on cheese straws and pimento cheese spread…the real kind not the Kraft kind.  This book involves a mystery writer who was famous years ago for writing mysteries similar to Nancy Drew mysteries.  Lots of characters from other YA mysteries are mentioned in addition to Nancy Drew…Cherry Ames…Judy Bolton…Hardy Boys and more.  When Charlie and Diesel discover that this author is still alive…they are over the top with joy.  They want to being her to the library.


I needed something sweet and light and cozy and fun…especially after reading this book…which was good but very dark, very deep, very sad.  Whew!


I had a bit of a rough weekend…we got flu and pneumonia shots on the same day…I had all those treatments last week and even Ironman Den didn’t feel well on Saturday…thank goodness we had soup and crackers or we may have perished!  The girls are great comfort kitties but all they can do to help is place themselves close to warm body parts…tummies, arms, etc… probably more for their own comfort anyway.  I am sure it is.  A warm thumb is all Roxie needs.


Some new books…from NetGalley…

We are working on our new normal for the next 5 months.  We have to eat, clean our house, do laundry…I have to somehow walk every day…everything else gets put on hold.  I love decorating seasonally…October is one of my favorites.  I noticed our pumpkin wreath on the door, my pumpkin front door mat out…brightly colored mums and pumpkins tucked everywhere…just the way I would have done it only I didn’t do it…Den did.  These are the things he does because he knows how much they mean to me.  Can I stop to cry?  Just for a moment.  Ok…I am better now.

Have a great day…



17 thoughts on “A Big Fat Cat?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I’ve noticed the Diesel books, but haven’t read any…yet.

    I am slowly doing light housework, since the dental work is still healing and my shoulder is still painful. Some days are better than others.

    Hang in there with your new routine and enjoy October.


  2. Mary says:

    I love October but not a fan of Halloween. I’m happy to hand out candy to the trick or treaters and I always put a pumpkin out but that’s it. I love the color change of the trees and all the pumpkin and apple yummy treats though! I love that Den put out the decor.
    We got flu shots last week but decided to wait until our Nov. check ups for pneumonia shots. Hope I don’t regret that.
    I think the cover of A Gift of Bones is adorable.


  3. Ti says:

    That cover really is quite cheesy. I would never pick it up by that cover alone.

    Flu and pneumonia shots on the same day! It’s easier to get them together but it does take a toll and you are having treatments too.

    I threw my back out yesterday and I am barely able to sit in this chair at work. I took a muscle relaxer, half of one, last night but it made me very sleep and I am still sleepy. I just can’t get comfortable in this chair. It’s making it a very long day.

    I haven’t finished any books lately. I really need to since the Murakami comes out tomorrow!


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