Oh My…I Took A Little Break…


I love religiously blogging on Monday, Wednesday and Friday…and if I skip a Friday I usually blog on Saturday but this weekend I just didn’t feel like it.  In fact yesterday I didn’t even open my iPad…I literally read and watched TV all day.   I was tired…not worn out tired…but tired nevertheless.  So…I went with it.  This chemo is kicking my butt just a tiny bit.  It is really affecting my tastes and appetite.  I only wanted to eat eggs last week…this week I want a fish sandwich and I want some kind of vegetable soup.  Poor Den!  We can’t figure out a food routine.  Plus it makes me ill to think about cooking…something about the components of a dish make me queasy but the end product is ok.  What I am thinking is that every Monday Den and I will make a different soup…we can manage that because Weggieman’s has so many pre chopped veggies….and maybe we will make a yummy casserole every Tuesday…if we do this religiously and rely on takeout…good healthy takeout…we should be ok through March…shouldn’t we?  I just can’t look at lots of foods, though!  And I can’t start today.  But I like my plan.  Except that all major holidays fall during my food issue time.  I have no clue what to do about Thanksgiving…sigh!

Books…OMG…here is a really great example of chemo brain…last week I said I was reading this book…


But…I was actually reading this book…which was amazing…fantastic and extremely dysfunctional!  I loved this book that takes place in Melbourne.  Stabbing, sexual issues, relationship issues…it was just a great book.  I am too lazy right now to research it but I think it’s a series.


Now…for sure…I am reading this…not out for a few months…but I could not resist it…it’s too good.  Charlotte takes her three children and her friend Harriet’s little girl to their school fair.  While there her friend’s daughter disappears!  OMG!


New books from NetGalley!  And Edelweiss!  Don’t they all look yummy?  I will answer for you…yes!  They do!

Roxie is in a time out today…she put tiny teeth marks in my new Kindle Oasis cover.  She loves to bite the corners of everything!  She was also biting our new quilt.  She likes to personally put her mark on everything we own!




Have a great day…


15 thoughts on “Oh My…I Took A Little Break…

  1. Peggy says:

    Patty, I have a friend who had cancer a couple years ago ( you sent her a postcard!) and she came to visit us last year. We were playing cards one night and she started crying. I was confused and she explained about the chemo fog you get and that it was so overwhelming that she was able to think clear enough again to play cards and know what she was doing! By the way she is in full remission, but now needs a liver transplant. She has to be in remission 5 years before she can have one though.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I love the look of those books: I requested The Suspect from NetGalley, and I almost requested Her One Mistake, but stopped myself, since I’ve never read the author. Sometimes I take a risk, but at other times, I hold back to see what others think.

    I want to read Untouchable, definitely.

    I hope you get your food issues settled.

    Bad Roxie! LOL


  3. Kathryn says:

    Poor Roxie in timeout, but I am sure she is out by now! Ah yes food must be a problem at the moment, and no way out really. All the best with the plan. Good that you are able to focus enough on reading and viewing. Small wins!


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