Reading And WordChums…

I am trying to keep busy within my new isolation.  Books, Acorn TV, Netflix and WordChums are helping.

i just finished this…really really really a pageturner of the best kind.


I just started this and it is a surprise.  It’s good, too!


Den and I were fascinated by this new Netflix series.


It has a beautifully illustrated cookbook, too.


Its been chilly here so all of us are enjoying snuggling under our new quilt.  Two of us think it was purchased just for them.


My Wednesday consisted of catching up on TV…and reading…Den played golf today even though it was chilly.  I wanted him to have a break from me!


20 thoughts on “Reading And WordChums…

  1. DEZZY says:

    we do love illustrated cook books! It is such a thrill when you see illustrators who put their heart into what they do in books. Its pure magic


  2. lakesidemusing says:

    Salt Fat Acid Heat sounds interesting… reminds me of Michael Pollan’s Cooked – where Fire, Water, Air, Earth transform things in nature into delicious food. Maybe we can check out the Netflix series this weekend. Sounds like you’re keeping cozy at home… it’s supposed to snow here tonight. Yuck!


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