Bouncing Between Books…

I know that between should be among but I wanted my post title to start with all the same letter!

These are the books…the first book is one that I wanted to stop reading but I find that I can’t.  It’s about anorexia…and the women who have it…but it’s the stories and backgrounds and thoughts of these women that keep my attention.  The second one is all about boarding schools and clones…Darkwood Academy…I couldn’t resist it.  The last one is Elin Hildebrand’s first book not written about Nantucket.  So far it’s good but I really just started it.  The Elin Hildebrand book came from my library.  I recommended it and apparently I was the first person who requested it and I got it ASAP.  Normally her books have a huge waitlist so either no one knows about this trilogy or it’s not that good?  It takes place in Iowa City and St. John’s…I love reading library books because I feel no obligation to review them!  Yahoo!


Lucy and Den zipped to the vet for Lucy’s fluids and laser therapy.   This is how Roxie looks at me while I try to explain to her that they will be back soon!  This is Lucy at laser therapy!  Roxie loves her Lucy!

It is gloriously leafy and sunny and chilly around here.  Mums survived the first frost…no one is pecking at the pumpkins and I am craving tiny little candy bars and tiny little boxes of Halloween candy.   Den did our front this year and planted all of the mums.  I also really need a Tootsie Roll Pop but I only like orange and purple.  I also can’t eat brown M & M’s…or won’t…no…it’s can’t…

This time of year my mom would make two amazing things…apple pizza and apple cake.  We would walk to school eating slices of her apple pizza and friends would follow us home for some!  Her apple cake was an easy dump one…it was so delicious!

I am off to read for a bit!

Have an awesome weekend!


16 thoughts on “Bouncing Between Books…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I finally have my new laptop, and I’m exploring it. I also wrote up reviews of the two books I’ve finished this week.

    I love apple goodies. My mom made a Boston Apple cake with yummy cream cheese frosting . I also made it back in the day, but the recipe has gone missing. I’m pretty sure my daughter grabbed it. Lol

    Enjoy all those books and your lovely surroundings.


  2. Mary says:

    I had no idea Hilderbrand’s new novel wasn’t set on Nantucket! Well done, Den, on the Fall decor! It looks fabulous. Very welcoming.
    I love apple cakes, pastries, etc. Such comfort food. Have a lovely weekend!


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    I’m guessing people don’t know about Hilderbrand’s new book yet. Can’t wait to hear what you think. Den did a great job with your front porch and mums… maybe he could stop by our place next! 😉 The apple treats look so good…


  4. Barbara says:

    I started reading Elin’s ne bbok the other day, I agree it seems weird. I am going to try and finish it. The apple treats look great. Did you know they have some new flavors of tootsie pops.
    Enjoy the weekend!!!!


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