So Tired…

So…Chemo And Neulasta within two days.  I am exhausted.  Nothing hurts yet but it’s hard to explain how sluggish and achy my entire body feels.  Today is a slow moving day.  Turtle slow…snail slow…syrupy molasses slow.  Sigh!  I was feeling so good with just chemo…it’s Neulasta that makes everything ache.

I am reading this but it’s hard to focus for long stretches of time.  So I am reading in short spurts.  It’s good but it has a lot of sadness in it.  Probably not the best book for the way I am feeling today.  It’s the Neulasta Effect…it doesn’t last but when it hits you know it.  Hopefully in a day or two I will be back to whatever my normal is.  Today is just not a good mood day.  This book is about two policemen.  They buy houses in a development about an hour away from their jobs in NYC.  One wife is so excited to have a new friend next door but the woman who moves in is strange, mean, aloof, weird.  They each have a child in the same grade who love hanging out together…and then a troubling incident and that’s as far as I got.  But I can’t put it down.  It’s not even what I wanted to read…but I just sort of picked it up and once I started it was too interesting to stop.


So…this weekend will be quiet…the kitties seem to sense when I am not feeling well and stay close and calm.  They comfort me.

See you Monday with more thoughts about books…



19 thoughts on “So Tired…

  1. Barbara from Goodreads says:

    Sorry, you are not feeling well. You need to pay attention to your body and rest. You can catch up on your reading when you feel better!!! Take care.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, yes, you need some good books, not books that make you feel sad. I love reading suspense thrillers…or even books in a series like the Robyn Carr books. I’m enjoying The Best of Us…

    Have a calm and enjoyable weekend!


  3. Stefanie says:

    I sorry today was uncomfortable for you physically. I think you’re handling it like a champ. You are brave to be open about everything and it is a privilege to be here alongside of you while you go through this. Hugs, my dear friend.


  4. E. Michael Helms, writer says:

    So very sorry to learn of your illness. My younger daughter has been battling breast cancer for over a year now. She still faces more surgery for reconstruction, etc. I wish you strength and courage as you face this battle. My prayer is that you will have a full recovery and a wonderful life ahead. All best,


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